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KKK Meets in Sullivan, MO

(A member from the Southern Mountain Knights guards the door as the New Empire Knights, Rebel Brigade Knights and Southern Mountain Knights discuss Ferguson,  Darren Wilson and other things.)

$2, 876 raised for Darren Wilson.

New Empire Knights begin night two of partols near Ferguson

Zach M. of Branson, Mo gets ready to stand guard at a white single mother’s home, located near the riots. Like many whites, this lady has received threats from the blacks.


Frank Ancona - Pictures prove his Jewishness

Pic #1 – Shows baby Frank and his dark skin semitic father. These two are clearly not Aryans.

Pic #2 – Shows how small Ancona’s Klan is. 52 more words

Frank Ancona, his wife and Klan in pictures - Jews, mentally ill and Satanism

Pic #1 shows a young Ancona. Very jewish features.

Pic #2 shows Jewish member and mental patient, Dan Zimmerman. Zimmerman is a common/popular jewish name. 43 more words

Frank Ancona - high and drunk

Look at how high or drunk Ancona is in this video. This is what a real Klansman should look like?

Frank Ancona - Jewish "Klan Leader" lies to media about us

A mongrel woman from “The Wire” emailed me. She informed me that an “Imperial Wizard” who she wouldn’t name said our group has few members and that our group is a false Klan group. 671 more words

Montana's "Invisible Empire"

On July 4, 1923, several hundred people gathered around a burning cross with a number of figures in white robes and hoods. Official members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) carried an American flag through a crowd of witnesses and initiated ninety-four men into their ranks. 877 more words