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Tennessee Negro fakes Cross Burning


Apparently a few days ago a Tennessee Negro “found” a cross in front of his church. He called the police. The local news made the Negro “pastor” out to be a victim. 181 more words


The New Empire Knights - clearly the most active Klan out there!

While others claim “we are the largest Klan”, no Klan comes close to how active the New Empire Knights are! Klan groups spend their existence claiming to be the largest. 193 more words

Grandsons of Klansmen

He wasn’t racist but he said…” I knew that you were going to get that job promotion! I sold you to the Director like you were my prized possession!”  But he tongue fucked my asshole before that though. 319 more words


We will support the KKK Unity Rally in Alcoa, TN


We have been asked to attend the KKK Unity rally in Alcoa, TN. Normally I am against attending events of other groups. However,  this event is being sponsored by my close friend,  Terry Johnson. 149 more words


Groups we support (and don't support)

While I believe my Klan to be the best out there, there are other good Klan groups that exist. Some people do not like my group. 237 more words

Special Thanks to my mentor - Terry "Buck" Johnson

I want to give a special thanks to Terry “Buck” Johnson. He is the Imperial Wizard of the Southern Mountain Knights. Terry has been in the Klan for 60 years. 217 more words


KKK Jam After Report

The first ever New Empire Knights KKK Jam was a success. We had members attend from 15 different states along with members that flew all the way in from England. 210 more words