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Lost in La Mancha & Other Documentaries about Troubled Film Shoots

Films are difficult to make. Even the simplest production is at the mercy of a million things that could potentially go wrong. If the film you happen to have in mind is a unique, artistic epic, then you should expect the difficulties to be comparatively monumental and bizarre. 1,058 more words


N: Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

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I have watched a lot of horror movies in my life, and I really have no idea how many times I’ve seen the story of  666 more words

Movies That Do Not Suck

Salacious Memoirs

In the book trade, “Super Thursday” in October is when all the big books, many of them celebrity autobiographies, are published for the run-up to Christmas. 36 more words


The Real-Life Inspirations Behind 8 Movie Monsters

This weekend, moviegoers will watch Luke Evans transform into the ruthless warlord Vlad the Impaler in Gary Shore’s Dracula Untold. Known for torturing his enemies by impaling them on large wooden stakes, Vlad Tepes (as he is also known) became one of the inspirations behind Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel… 788 more words


The Poetry of Insanity

Herzog is a miserable, hateful, malevolent, avaricious, money-hungry, nasty, sadistic, treacherous, cowardly creep…he should be thrown alive to the crocodiles! An anaconda should strangle him slowly! 757 more words

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972)

German New Wave adventurer Werner Herzog stranded his crew, his cast, and himself in the Andes to film this magnificent parable on fascism, which looks as if it were shot in the sixteenth century. 104 more words