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Bottom-up Approaches to Economic Development

| Peter Klein |

Via Michael Strong, a thoughtful review and critique of Western-style economic development programs and their focus on one-size-fits-all, “big idea” approaches. Writing in the… 221 more words

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Klein - The Letter


The rocking ship sent a bottle rolling across the floor of Klein’s cabin. He smiled as it met with the sharp edge of the doors wood edge and Shattered. 216 more words


Opportunity Discovery or Judgment? Fargo Edition

| Peter Klein |

In the opportunity-discovery perspective, profits result from the discovery and exploitation of disequilibrium “gaps” in the market. To earn profits an entrepreneur needs superior foresight or perception, but not risk capital or other productive assets. 209 more words

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Photo: Calvin Klein's New "More Realistic" Model

Calvin Klein unveiled a model who’s supposed to look more realistic.

It’s great how there’s been a push for companies to feature realistic models in their ads. 163 more words


DNA Overlaps Among Cousins


I’m having to write this out because my brain is just not processing it and I need to see it- if anyone reads this and has a suggestion, PLEASE comment below or contact me. 369 more words