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Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is your twitter presence

Fun Fact: I’ve been on Twitter since I was 16. (Here’s proof)

So, that was 6 years ago, back when Myspace was still cool and the only people who had Twitter were probably only me and my best friend.  756 more words


On #Klout! A Little Known Fact #socialmedia #consumeraffairs #EaV

When Keith Gill, in leadership of Empire Avenue, Inc, was false advertising I felt certain that responsible people at Empire Avenue would be concerned.

Especially after Klout themselves verified that Mr. 616 more words

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Cracking the #Klout Code?

Update 8/28/2014

@klout support has confirmed that Mr. Gill’s premise is incorrect.

@WanderinPoet Twitter is in no way more heavily weighted than other social medias. The klout score is an algorithm based on many factors.

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Blog with a side of Klout

I took a social media course in college which help to start my blog. Before this course I had knowledge of social media, but blogs scared me. 327 more words


Measuring Social Media Success

Measuring Social Media Success:

A social media campaign can make a huge difference in the marketing department, but with the rise of social media it is becoming evermore important to have a way to measure the results. 234 more words

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Few things to think about being a social media communicator and more

Yes heading way of what I usually write about.

I will be writing a few points about what I think will be good to have in mind when being a social media communicator, which I will be working with in the future. 581 more words


Tsu Get Paid To Post

For some time now i have been (like most of you here)  looking for paid social media sites, having a “large” influence on klout i figured i should get paid for my efforts in not only providing information to these sites but also photos and videos which (i have a feeling ) they sell to their advertisers however it seemed like they wanted to have the money to them selves while i bring in more money to them.

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