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Klout scores and Twitter

Does it make a difference who you follow on Twitter?

Klout scores of Twitter account holders appear on desktop browser versions of Twitter. A Klout score is one indicator of a person’s influence on the Internet, but it is not the only metric and Klout is controversial in some circles. 460 more words


Social media metrics that really count!

Social Media Class Assignment: Discuss social media metrics. Which are important and why.

To approach this assignment, I narrow my answer to Twitter and Facebook as they continue to remain the premiere social media platforms and do provide detailed analysis within their platform. 1,370 more words


Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is your twitter presence

Fun Fact: I’ve been on Twitter since I was 16. (Here’s proof)

So, that was 6 years ago, back when Myspace was still cool and the only people who had Twitter were probably only me and my best friend.  756 more words


On #Klout! A Little Known Fact #socialmedia #consumeraffairs #EaV

When Keith Gill, in leadership of Empire Avenue, Inc, was false advertising I felt certain that responsible people at Empire Avenue would be concerned.

Especially after Klout themselves verified that Mr. 616 more words

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Cracking the #Klout Code?

Update 8/28/2014

@klout support has confirmed that Mr. Gill’s premise is incorrect.

@WanderinPoet Twitter is in no way more heavily weighted than other social medias. The klout score is an algorithm based on many factors.

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Blog with a side of Klout

I took a social media course in college which help to start my blog. Before this course I had knowledge of social media, but blogs scared me. 327 more words


Measuring Social Media Success

Measuring Social Media Success:

A social media campaign can make a huge difference in the marketing department, but with the rise of social media it is becoming evermore important to have a way to measure the results. 234 more words

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