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How NOT to Grow Your Business In The #SocialMedia Environment

I read an article entitled, “Social Media Influencer Marketing: How to Grow Your Business,” and found some great tips.

I would like to add that it’s important for businesses to know what Influencers are already their customers and that they should probably not bully them or allow them to be bullied by their other customers, leaders, or agents that fail to declare their agency. 471 more words

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Klout Score

As a Mass Communication (Public Relations) major, the ability to influence audiences both on and off of social media is very important. This week I created an account with Klout.com to determine my social media influence score for  my professional Twitter account, which I opened earlier this year.  241 more words


A Definition of "Personal" For @EmpireAve #EaV #EmpireAve #EmpireAvenue #Socialmedia #CustomerService #Klout

It appears that Empire Avenue has no idea what the definition of “personal” is.

According to Oxford Dictionary, “personal” is defined as follows:

Done or made by a particular person; involving the actual presence or action of a particular individual:

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