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Export a spatial object as KML with R

It can be useful sometimes to visualize your data using Google Earth. For example, if you want to explore the population density map of a city, you can project it on Google Earth to investigate in detail which neighbours are most populated.  669 more words


Retrieve KML links

On my previous post I worked with a kml that was splitted in various networked kmz files. This was particularly annoying given that I had to track the files in my computer. 570 more words


KML to ArcGIS using Fusion Tables

I’ve come across a problem a couple times when a KML file’s attributes aren’t imported to ArcGIS when using the “KML to Layer” tool. Here’s a solution for a point file* that involves a couple steps but does the job: 384 more words


KML hell

The time goes by and I don’t have enough personal space to write in this blog. It is crazy how life changes and how many things are thrown at you. 1,891 more words


Strategies for Showing Your Strategies

Dear Readers,

Today I launched into trying to move some of my transport ideas for Sydney from my head and iPad and paper scribbles to my PC to be dressed up for.. 916 more words