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Never quite restful

When your little one is sick, you’re never at ease. Even when you’re asleep, a small percentage of your consciousness is still awake, listening out for a sniffle, cough, or if they’re even breathing (which is in the most part irrational). 95 more words


Out with the old and in with the new

Regular readers will know that this year has been marred by repeated failures of my beloved Triumph Daytona 955i. Repeated electrical problems and extended visits to the shop meant that I barely got to ride it this year. 291 more words


Oh contacts

The bad thing about contact lenses is the fact that when you’re tired and want to have a quick nap, obviously you’re not at home, you can’t nap because you can’t take them out. 59 more words


Now can we get on to the bloody point? A list of 21 Feminist (really) FAQs.

I’ve recently become knackered with having the same arguments, with the same types of people, about the same points regarding Feminism.

Now, I’m not an expert, other than I come equipped with reproductive parts and therefore a propensity to get accidentally oppressed, but many other women are. 3,079 more words


I had a long day today and I feel drained physically, mentally and emotionally. I told myself on the way home today that I wasn’t going to do social media tonight . 186 more words