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And now for some truly excellent news...

Yesterday saw us returning to the hospital for mums post-op appointment.
The doctor didn’t keep us waiting or waffle on. He just got straight to the point of telling us that they had managed to remove all the cancer and it hadn’t spread.! 93 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Sing Oh Stirred Soul...

Comfort reigns in the kingdom of solitude

To bear the golden cast of a crown a midst

The numerous, deafening noises of silence….

Each order thundered defied by subjects nonexistent… 109 more words


Checking in

Hey everyone, we have made it out of the rainforest safely with little more than cuts, bites and sore muscles. We just wanted to very quickly check in and let you know we are alive as we don’t know when we will next get Internet. 48 more words


Tour De Susséx

Unfortunately as Rob was incapacitated today the London to Brighton was postponed. A part of me quite relieved with the 300 degree heat that has blanketed the country! 318 more words

Rant Time.

Okay, so I have to wake up daily during the week at around 6:30. Anyone that knows me knows that this is a practically impossible task, as I don’t function before 9:00, and even then it’s a struggle. 243 more words

Shed Love (A.K.A WE HAVE A SHED!)

Thanks to the wonderful DIY talents of Mr PPP we now have a fully constructed 8 x 6 timber shed. It arrived on Friday morning and, as I am still barred by consultants from doing anything terribly strenuous, was completed single-handed by Mr PPP, taking about 5 hours to construct on his own  in what I can only describe as blazing heat…and I’m from Sydney! 602 more words

#juneathon day 29

I don't know if it is the fact that today is the penultimate day of Juneathon, but I found the run tonight very hard work. It was always going to be a short run as the weekend has been very busy; travelling here there and everywhere. 60 more words