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Only a crazy cat lover would understand this. Raise your hand if you’ve ever given your cat praise for “makin’ the dough” or “making air biscuits.” Perhaps you’ve said such things as, “Thanks, kitty, I’d like some sweet biscuits today. 282 more words


Simple Homemade Bread

Over the last couple of years, our family has wanted to make efforts to eat more whole foods, reduce added sugars and make more foods from scratch. 332 more words

Whole Wheat Challah

Lately, I’ve been captivated by the idea of becoming more than myself, a better version of myself. I want to move with the force of the ocean, shine bright like the sun and effectuate good changes in the world around me. 1,336 more words


Bun Muska

This is a take on an Iranian slightly sweet roll called bun muska. Makes 8 buns.

For the buns:


Challah bread

It’s September 22nd and as everyone becomes antsy as the year is almost over I get excited. And maybe I’m biased because my birthday is in November, but isn’t it lovely when the smell of freshly baked cookies swarms the house, or savoring a thick slice of freshly craved turkey? 445 more words


Bread is all you knead.

At last!  Finally there are no more “new”s (new home, new dog, new job…) and that means that I have found time to bake and blog.  724 more words


Quick Golden Multi-seed Bread

There is nothing more appealing than the smell and look of fresh bread from straight out the oven. It sends you drooling, scrambling for the bread knife or the first opportunity to rip a piece out of its side to smother it with cool butter, jam or chocolate spread. 395 more words

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