Is the cabin fever over?

       I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We got some great news, my boyfriend’s brother and his wife announced they are having a baby!! I have to admit I broke down and had a jealous moment of “why not me”. 647 more words


It is important to find the correct cadence in your life. A few weeks ago, my knee started hurting me. After talking with a few cycling folks, I think the issue was that I was using too high of a gear, causing me to strain at a low cadence instead of pump fluidly at a faster cadence. 348 more words


Dreams, (Detours), & Destinations

If you’ve been following along on my journey to the marathon, you probably know that I’ve encountered a few setbacks over the past five months. Most notably, my body has been learning to adapt to the increased mileage and pressure I’ve been asking it to endure, and has communicated its displeasure through semi-frequent and sometimes debilitating knee pain. 445 more words


Meniscus Injury

A meniscus is a crescent shaped fibrocartilage that divides a joint. In the knee the menisci are C shaped and  provide structural integrity to the knee when it undergoes stress. 270 more words

Active Care Rehab

Yoga Poses That Boost Hip Flexibility

Hip flexibility is very important. This because among other things, the flexibility aids in eliminating lower back pain and knee pain.

Hip flexibility also assists in creating your well informed and backed whensitting and standing, and when heading concerning your daily activities. 413 more words

Hurting Hinges

The swollen purple cross on the top of my kneecap is a constant, cautionary reminder to take it easy.  The scar is the physical manifestation of the pain I feel from an ACL repair nearly two years ago. 368 more words


It's all about the Hippocratic Oath: Primum non nocere...

After discovering that I had actually caused myself a stress fracture by over doing the exercise, probably for the large part of my 28 years of existence, but amplified from Jan 2013 – May 2013, I figured it was time to refocus. 1,265 more words