Hurting Hinges

The swollen purple cross on the top of my kneecap is a constant, cautionary reminder to take it easy.  The scar is the physical manifestation of the pain I feel from an ACL repair nearly two years ago. 368 more words


It's all about the Hippocratic Oath: Primum non nocere...

After discovering that I had actually caused myself a stress fracture by over doing the exercise, probably for the large part of my 28 years of existence, but amplified from Jan 2013 – May 2013, I figured it was time to refocus. 1,265 more words

Knobby Knees

Osgood Schlatter Disease

Osgood Schlatter Disease (OSD) or Knobby Knees is a common cause of knee-pain among the teenagers. This pain mostly affects the boys between 13 to 14 years of age and the girls between 11 to 12 years. 476 more words

Physical Therapy

Horrible no good very bad day...

      I don’t even know where to begin right now. This week has just been awful! First, I was so excited Wednesday to finally be able to drive my car after 6 weeks. 997 more words

CrossFit and Knee Pain

For many people my age, joint pain is a real concern.  And a real source of discouragement. But  I’ve seen big improvements in mobility since starting CrossFit. 471 more words

Treating Osteoarthritis

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Cartilage actually acts like a cushioning surface in the body and, when it’s damaged, a person can actually have areas of a joint where bone rubs against bone. 110 more words

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