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Three days to go

“I’m crossing the Pyrenees next week”, I said. “You’ll need a good pair of knees for that”, remarked John dryly. We were sitting in our local “watering hole”, enjoying a last pint of real ale with some friends. 214 more words


(revised ending)

each quiet
each blank
inviting water
shadow waiting
going inward
going inward,
these words alone.
still living
from that time,
one possession or another… 47 more words

It was just a "Pin"

When I was in elementary school, maybe fourth grade, a girl I knew came to school one day on crutches and had her foot all bandaged up. 718 more words

Treating Osteoarthritis

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Cartilage actually acts like a cushioning surface in the body and, when it’s damaged, a person can actually have areas of a joint where bone rubs against bone. 110 more words

Watch + Listen

Knee nurturing

For some reason yoga students tend to show up in clusters, and lately one of my classes has a cluster of people with knee problems. As such we devoted a class session this week to stabilizing the knee joints. 401 more words

See Fatty Run, Can Fat People Run Safely?

I am frequently asked both on Facebook and in the Fit Fatties Forum, “I am fat.  Is it still safe for me to run?”  So I thought I’d take up this question in today’s blog post. 931 more words