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George Orwell is alive and living in Eretz Yisrael

Yesterday was a very sad day for Israeli consumers.  Eitan Cabel’s law forbidding Yisrael HaYom to distribute its newspaper for free passed the first reading in the Knesset (it needs three readings to become a law).   946 more words

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The Importance of the Right-Religious Bloc

Prime Minister Yair Lapid?

Yesh Atid 19 + Labor 15 + Yisrael Beitenu 13 + Livni Party 6 + Meretz 6 + Kadima 2 = 61 of 120 MKs (a majority). 317 more words


Canadian Scoop in Israel!

I think what Kevin Vickers did, that day in October on Parliament Hill, is one of the most courageous, ballsy, super-hero-like things I have ever heard of. 445 more words


Jerusalem: A stricken apartheid city

In the weeks and months after the Jerusalem Light Rail was inaugurated, city officials boasted of a practical achievement and powerful symbol of the city’s modernity and “unity”. 929 more words


Playing into Hanin Zoabi's hand

Radical Israeli-Arab member of parliament Hanin Zoabi has Israel  exactly where she wants it.

All she has to do is make some outrageous statement supporting Hamas, backing violence, opposing the Israeli military or whatever, and off they go with another round of denunciations, calls to throw her out of the parliament, strip her of Israeli citizenship, expel her to Gaza, charge her with treason, execute her, or worse. 437 more words

November Voice of Israel Radio Links

November Voice of Israel Radio Links (will be updated as month goes on):

1) Yishai Fleisher Show: Conversion Reform (Nov 3)

2) Inside Israel Today w/Mottle Wolfe: Stone throwing legislation (Nov 3) 289 more words

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