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Knife attack victim thought he was going to be killed

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “I thought he was going to kill me,” a knife attack victim told WREG.

The man involved in the attack said he was still scared he would be killed and asked WREG not to use his name or show his face. 234 more words


Bowie Knife, Quarterstaff, Smallsword, and Broadsword Contests in Brooklyn, 1840

On August 12th, 1840, a notice for a series of performances at the Colonnade Garden in Brooklyn Heights appeared in the pages of the New York Daily Express… 280 more words


The Man From Nowhere has one of the best knife fights you'll ever see

Okay, so the headline speaks for itself.  The Man From Nowhere is basically a Korean version of Taken, in which an ex-special forces agent goes on an unstoppable rampage to rescue the kidnapped (and unspeakably cute) daughter of his troubled neighbour.   256 more words


4 Reasons Why Working In Education Is Like A Knife Fight (And What I'm Going To Do About It)

I don’t know why anyone would choose to work in education. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s very rewarding. Not financially, of course. But all that feel good stuff you see in those teacher movies is quite true. 433 more words


[VIDEO] Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Up Fight With A Huge Knife!


Whatever you do…don’t start a fight around Jamie Lynn Spears, or else! After Lynn’s friends got caught up in the middle of a bunch of guys, they started to fight. 181 more words


LDS Singles Ward (Part iii) Ward Hopping Edition

Yeah I did this ward hopping business for a while. I think all LDS singles consider it an option at one point or another. There are some legends in the scene of people finding their spouse via ward hopping and living happily ever after. 1,445 more words


African American Knife-Fighters of Old New York

The above illustration, published during World War I, on May 22, 1918 in the New York Herald, commemorates the act of two African American soldiers who heroically took on 24 German soldiers and survived (and who shall be covered in… 477 more words