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Daily Draw 10-11-2014

Daily Draw 10-11-2014

Tarot: Prince of Grails * (Knight of Cups)

Emotionally upset or unsteady, might have a bout of moodiness and irritation coming up today that I should beware of not to take out on others. 90 more words


Get On Your Horse and RIDE!!!

Oh… Sweet Charioteer… you groovy groovy dude! You do so make me smile… The sun on your face and the wind in your hair and you move with ease and ride at speed and caress each curve and chicane and never skip a beat… 389 more words

Daily Draw 10-10-2014

Daily Draw 10-10-2014

Tarot: Prince of Scepters (Knight of Wands)

Need or feeling like rushing into something, taking charge of a project or situation. Might have to be cautious not to rush into something too quickly, though. 155 more words


Tarot Card for Friday, October 10, 2014

Knight of Wands

Action without passion quickly looses its momentum and grinds to a halt. Passion without action has nowhere to go and manifests in anxious restlessness as it seeks to find an outlet. 103 more words


Friday, September 12, 2014 - Fun and Games

Friday, we have the Knight of Wands. Additionally, the Moon enters the sign of Taurus. This moon is at home with tangible comforts and pleasures in life. 32 more words

Daily Tarot

The Knight of Wands, My Husband (grins)

(Terrible photo but you can forgive me. I’m not a photographer.)

The time has come to get familiar with my Tarot deck. Yes, I did pick up my Tarot cards this weekend. 1,115 more words

My Life

Daily Draw - Knight of Wands

One of the reasons why I am extremely fond of this deck is how the artist Lola Airaghi rendered her court cards. The Knights of the deck all are riding a particular animal that for me, perfectly reflects their energies, and also the energies of the suit. 238 more words

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