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The Hoff Is Hero To Sick Boy

David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff does/has taken a lot of stick for the things he says and does.  Now most of it is deserved (and A LOT of it has come from us quite honestly), but you have to give the devil his due on this one. 188 more words


Watch David Hasselhoff Take A 'Knight Rider' Superfan With Down Syndrome For A Spin In KITT

This is really cool. In a recent segment of the Dutch television program Syndroom (which, according to the translated version of its Facebook page, is dedicated to “helping people with Down syndrome, autistic disorders and other syndromes” fulfill “their ambitions, dreams and fantasies”), David Hasselhoff took a Dutch Knight Rider superfan named Twan out for a spin around Beverly Hills in KITT. 203 more words


Justin Bieber New Voice Of 'Knight Rider' Car KITT

Justin Bieber has landed one of the most iconic roles with the help of his buddy David Hasselhoff. Justin Bieber will be the voice of KITT the talking car from… 243 more words


Justin Bieber Is Going To Be In A WWE Studios Movie And Ruin A Character From The 80s

Let’s play a game. In this game, we imagine the worst movie ever made. Let’s try to drum up some criteria:

1. It says “WWE Studios Presents” in the opening credits. 156 more words


Guess Who Landed A Movie Role?

This guy…Bieber!

He will be the voice of KITT, the talking car from “Knight Rider” in the comedy, “Killing Hasselhoff.”

If you don’t remember KITT, it’s kind of like SURI but on a much bigger scale. 50 more words


5 shows that may have inspired 'Person of Interest'

Person of Interest returns to CBS this Tuesday, September 23, after a season that shook things up by killing off a fan-favorite character and ending on a note of uncertainty for Reese (Jim Caviezel), Finch (Michael Emerson), and the rest of the gang. 971 more words

Renault's Trafic Rider

Sweeping Knight Rider aside.

I can’t imagine Michael Knight driving a van named Kitt. But at least to the brains behind this global campaign, We Are Social. 54 more words

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