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Underwater Stroll

It looks like Knight has finally resolved her differences with the water. On that note, I wonder how Pirate can hold her breath so long? 7 more words


Simple Mistakes

A different style of picture today. This is…wide-angle? It’s too hard to draw that way is what I’m trying to say. Anyways, remember: when you go parachuting, bring an actual parachute. 7 more words


I Hit it Big on the Slots!

Hello everyone and welcome back for another week of Fighting Fergus! In the past weeks we have talked about offense and how I was trying to add more to my repertoire. 1,164 more words

Jousting Fun

I picked up the Crossed Lances rules for Medieval Tournaments this year at Salute. ¬†Only two of us were available to play but that didn’t stop us having a great¬†fun game. 137 more words


Knighted TeddyBear

I was surrounded by imaginary friends, well to clarify, all of my stuffed animals were my saviors.

They would not save me just from monsters in my room, in the closet, under the bed, in my dreams, but the tree whose branch would tap on my window throughout the night, the shadows guarding the bathroom during the midnight pee run, or the spiders that would try to find a home in the crack in the wall. 123 more words

Daily Post Question

Knight Goby couple New !

Omg these fish are gorgeous n they fit same parameters as my tanganyika small cichlids ! So so cute If you can find some for sell go get them !

I love Montreal! forging company