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Don Quixote

Today, I will be contrasting (more or less) these two statements. They wre both made by the fictional character ‘Don Quixote’. (These may not be the exact oaths he ‘took’, but I’m not sure where those are or if the quotes below are them.) 115 more words

School Assignment

Good Grades

Wanna know how to get good grades? Make sure no one sees the bad ones. Not sure what subject Pirate’s taking right now, but she’s clearly not the greatest of students. 8 more words


Do You Want...

…To be annoyed by a catchy song? Well, it was good before everyone and their brother started singing it. But do you actually remember that song? 42 more words


Church (Part 3)

Continued from Church Part 2, which can be read below as well as Part 1.

Evil drew me like a magnet and I never had to roam far from the church to find it. 1,359 more words


Snowmen Attack

A continuation of the evil snowman saga!* But really, an attack by evil snowmen isn’t as scary as it sounds. Just bring some syrup and suddenly you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet. 17 more words


New Base Class: Umbra

(One of the first classes I ever design)

Mercenaries, master assassins, the elite guard, these are all titles given to the Umbras. These deadly warriors mold the shadows around them to create the necessary tools to accomplish their objective, whatever it may be. 1,328 more words