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Knight of the Dead

A band of crusading knights escorts the Holy Grail through a plague-ridden countryside, destined for a distant land. Hunted by assassins, the knights venture into the forbidden Valley of Black Death. 17 more words

Mike the Knight: Mike's Treasure Hunt

The Kingdom of Glendragon is full of hidden secrets, jewels and treasure and it is Mike’s mission to find them! Whilst showing off his tracking skills, Mike learns that it pays to be slow and careful and discovers that you shouldn’t turn down a wizard’s help, especially when you’re on the hunt for treasure! 40 more words

Transforming Helicopter-Truck Hybrid Makes First Flight

Yesterday Advanced Tactics announced the successful first flight of their Black Knight Transformer, a hybrid truck helicopter designed for military missions. In December, the truck completed driving tests. 


Vampire Knight: Complete Series

Yuki Cross is a first-year student at Cross Academy. As a member of the Disciplinary Committee, her duty is to keep the infatuated Day Class students from chasing the beautiful Night Class students, all while performing the important task of protecting the secret of the Night Class, that all members of the Night Class are, in fact, vampires! 59 more words

A Knight, His Lady, and Too Many Promises

“The Franklin’s Tale” presents a matrimony in the story as an accord which understands that:

“Wommen of kinde desiren libertee
And nat to ben contreyned as a thral… 737 more words


Apparel Change

…Or something like that? Looks like Knight is copying Pirate’s dressing style!

When to Die

There’s no shame in dying. Dying does not mean weakness. It means sacrifice – but if you’re to die, die quickly. Die before the sun sets and darkness comes, before the cold comes. 16 more words

S. Thomas Summers