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Radio 4 - A Gripping Yarn

This is me, aged 4, wearing one of Granny’s handknits.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by knitting – I used to think it was like magic when she made me something. 95 more words


Blocks and Stripes Infinity Scarf: a free pattern

It’s getting chilly all of a sudden and Winter is creeping in….. Brrrr.  I’ve put down my crochet hook for a minute and knitted myself a cowl.   23 more words


I recently decided to try knitting with beads. I decided to make a headband so I came up with a design. Halfway through I decided to make it bigger, so I started improvising a new design. 44 more words


Wheat in the Wind Sleeves

Saturday I finished my Wheat in the Wind Sleeves! I’m pretty excited. They turned out how I wanted them to and that’s always a good thing. 187 more words


Make it Classy, Make it Vintage **EXXXTREME HOARDER EDITION***

Well, I’ve been taking quite the vacation from blogging. I’ve been working in Seattle so a lot of my time is spent commuting, not crafting. I do have a few projects that I completed for Sew Expo 2014 in Puyallup that I’d like to share some day. 428 more words


Too many WIPs

I’ve come to realize that I start things more often than I finish things. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve found a spot to keep my hibernating WIPs and FOs that I don’t have the space for. 555 more words


WIP: Wheat in the Wind Sleeves, update

I finished the right sleeve. I know I said I was knitting them two at a time, but they got too big and it was awkward working with them both on the needles. 189 more words