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'Cozy' Cable Leg Warmers | Knit Pattern

Took a break from making boot cuffs & finally used the extra yarn to create leg warmers! You can create any of my boot cuff patterns into leg warmers by knitting more rounds :) 420 more words

Knit Pattern

Winter is Coming... | Knits for the Cold

Wow… is it getting cold fast here in Maryland! I show yarn love all year round but I really want to step up my game for the colder months. 700 more words


Warming A Cold Shoulder - A capelet in handspun

You know that feeling you have when a finished project comes out exactly the way you imagined it would? Its great. I don’t get that feeling very often. 616 more words


A Knit Leaf In Three Sizes

Fall is here and I’ve been making leaves!

Actually I’ve been making leaves all year. I’ve been trying out different patterns and styles and coming up with my own little touches. 520 more words


Twisted/Cable Boot Cuffs | Knit Pattern

I wanted to create a textured boot cuff that included cables.  I really like the look of this design & I made this pair especially for a friend that I had in mind!   366 more words

Knit Pattern

Boot Cuff Love | Easy Knit Pattern

I wanted to create another boot cuff pattern! It’s the time of the season… and they are so easy to make!  Quick project, beginner friendly & a great gift as well! 348 more words

Knit Pattern

Fitted Beanie | Easy Knit Pattern

This is my pattern for a basic fitted knitted beanie! This is the pattern I use when doing color work or other designs.  I like to keep it simple & will be making lots of character hats from this pattern! 392 more words

Knit Pattern