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how hard could it be?

Do you ever find yourself asking that question? How hard could it be for someone else to clean the loo or change the toilet roll or do any of the dozens of domestic chores that evidence suggests can only be done by one person and that would never be either of the males about the house? 506 more words


Miles to Knit

Stopping by to knit on a springy evening…

And now I can sleep in peace! Thank you, knitting friends!


The Knitty Gritty

I started a scarf for my friend Pam on Boxing Day naively thinking I would have it finished by mid January for her Birthday. It was a little late but at least it’s still cold outside! 104 more words

Knitted Scarves and an Etsy Shop

Since we’re on the subject of knitting and my future Etsy shop of cozy beautiful handmade warmth, here are a couple knitted pieces I finished this year that were not a part of our Kickstarter rewards: 240 more words


Knitted Kickstarter Rewards

Since I’m posting Kickstarter rewards, I might as well keep going with some non-painting rewards that we also made available. I don’t drive, so when we’re on tour I’ve picked up knitting so that I can at least feel productive during long drives. 173 more words


Winter Wrap - Aude by Berroco

This is a beautiful pattern by Berroco. I’ll admit it was a slight challenge to make as this was my first time using a charted pattern. 33 more words


Bring on Spring: Pisces Scarf

A quick post to show that despite my drawing adventures, the needles haven’t stopped clacking.  This is the first of a new Spring scarf range contrasting a textured viscose/linen mix yarn with a silky smooth bamboo, inspired by the sea.