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Yarn Along & Stuck in the Mud

I am almost ready to bind off the top and add the thumb to my first Moira Mitt! Teal has asked for them, but I was really knitting them for myself! 220 more words


New Design on the Way!

After a long break, I’m finally designing knitwear again. The new project is my favourite kind; a single-skein, luxury yarn with elegant details and just enough variation to keep me interested while still being great conversation knitting. 38 more words


Artist in focus: Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall creates hand knit animal pelts to raise awareness of animals endangered by the illegal skin trade. At the same time, she indirectly brings us to question our relationships with animals of all kinds, as can especially seen in her piece, “Rocky,” which has been modeled after her own house cat. 72 more words


Snowpiercer Sweater

I like to name my knitting projects after either the road trip or movie that most made me look down and knit at a fast nervous pace. 204 more words


contintental knitting: posture of the left hand

Since I am in the awkward position to try to teach knitting in England without being able to actually knit the English way properly (and on top of that being convinced that MY way is the right way ;) ), I have put together a couple of amazing pictures (never ask your husband to take pictures of your hand 5 min before the start of an incredibly important football match) to illustrate how I hold the yarn to get the right tension. 442 more words


Book Review: Brioche Chic

Brioche is a new technique that has been on my bucket list for a long time.  I’ve seen some really gorgeous pieces with lovely texture that have made me drool.   343 more words


Yarn Along -1 October 2014

Well, the one good thing with Ella being sick and then me being sick (and Ella at Grandma’s) is that I get a lot of chesterfield time.   240 more words