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Now I know....

…..I’m totally out of my mind………..

….and the above photo is a clear evidence of what I’ve just said……………

…………I was shopping today and have found a nice yarn for socks……….and I had to buy the needles of the right gauge for it…………..and had to learn how to knit socks………….well,I did it,after a whole afternoon spent making several atempts …..I shaped a heel….oh………..I’m A KNITTING HERCULES!!!!

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Nine Worlds and what have I done to myself

I drafted this post a few days ago but WordPress has decided it hates me even more than my body does right now.   What follows will be the worst write-up ever of Nine Worlds Geekfest, as it was almost a fortnight ago and I was not a particularly present attendee.  599 more words


Sweater and Sock

The fingering weight Boxy sweater is coming along nicely. I only have about 1,000 miles of stockinette stitch left to do :( -

And my blue and yellow socks! 87 more words


The tiniest scarf


So, I’ve had this thread thin Habu yarn for at least a year (I bought it on a crazy whim), and I haven’t known what to do with it…until now! 97 more words


Two FOs in two days

Katie insisted I wasn’t allowed to knit any more hats until I’d finished her socks, and luckily I didn’t have much of them left to do. 35 more words


My Four Things

Good morning to everyone! Just a day or two ago, I went out and bought a pencil pouch, school box, knitting needle(s) 330 more words


I've Missed You.

Hello knitting friends!

Contrary to the absence of my posts, there has been much momentum. All the action of The Brave little Thread has taken place on my Instagram feed, that proves to be much easier to keep up on I apologize for my slack in posting on here. 136 more words