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Short Row Heel For Socks

It seemed there was no issue with knitting and flying and I successfully took my knitting from Manchester to Heathrow to Shanghai to Guanzhou to Hong Kong and back in my hand luggage. 361 more words


Sick Day

I had to go home sick today. The dizziness is keeping me from standing up for any length of time and it’s probably going to keep me from knitting much. 139 more words

First Test Knit

I’ve always been curious about how designers actualize their designs. It’s one thing to come up with great idea, but translating that idea into a set of charts and written instructions is easier said than done. 326 more words


Seaglass Cape Cod

One wonderful thing about knitting a top down, all in one piece sweater is that when you’re finished with the knitting, it’s really just a few minutes away from being wearable. 241 more words


Up and running

It’s taken a while, but the new studio is up and running. Not quite finished (that could be months away!) but to a point where I can do some work in it.  56 more words

Dublin Dye Company

Yarn Delivery

I have been following this lovely blog Nice and Knit for about a year.  Two sisters posted beautiful photos of their knitted creations and their families, and I just couldn’t get enough.   165 more words


Remember me?

Why, hello there! Remember me?

So much for wanting to post more regularly! The beginning of this year has been pretty busy. Here are brief outlines of what’s been going on. 1,032 more words