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Repurpose Vintage Doily Patterns

I’m really enjoying this book by Andrea Jurgrau. The lace shawl pattern in this book are all repurposed vintage doily designs. The author has taken old doily patterns and rewritten them into shawls and other accessories. 190 more words

gramps for the little one

The truth is that I am a selfish knitter, it is hard for me to make for others.  I have an excuse, it is because I am a slow knitter. 307 more words


Shawl of doom

I bought this yarn (Rowan Summerspun: shade: Victoria) with some of our wedding vouchers we had left over from 8 years ago. I think the guilt I feel about this has subconciously affected my ability to knit, because everything I’ve tried to knit with it so far has been a disaster (not really, this is hyperbole) and I’ve actually lost count of the number of attempted scarves and shawls I’ve frogged. 344 more words


Bits and Pieces for Kitty Pi; Part Deux

Remember this? I blogged about Kitty Pi on Feb 25, 2014 . I made this cat bed out of all the bits and pieces of my handspun; the practice bits. 73 more words

Cookies and cream in Cairns

We arrived in Cairns yesterday for a conference, the moon was round and high in the night sky and the bats were singing pretty songs. They were flying between trees like a flock of crazy birds . 335 more words


TEST KNIT - Krewe (Finished)

A couple of weeks ago I finished another test knit for Lee Meredith. This test started as the Beadish Cowl, but that was only a temporary name, it is now named Krewe.


WWKIP Day to Pinhão

Here are the pictures of our trip last Saturday to Pinhão. We had a bit of luck weather wise, as we left Porto with it pouring down with rain, but by the time we got to Pinhão it cleared up, it did try to rain while we were having our picnic, but it cleared up shortly after that. 334 more words