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Bits and Pieces for Kitty Pi; Part Deux

Remember this? I blogged about Kitty Pi on Feb 25, 2014 . I made this cat bed out of all the bits and pieces of my handspun; the practice bits. 73 more words

Cookies and cream in Cairns

We arrived in Cairns yesterday for a conference, the moon was round and high in the night sky and the bats were singing pretty songs. They were flying between trees like a flock of crazy birds . 335 more words


TEST KNIT - Krewe (Finished)

A couple of weeks ago I finished another test knit for Lee Meredith. This test started as the Beadish Cowl, but that was only a temporary name, it is now named Krewe.


WWKIP Day to Pinhão

Here are the pictures of our trip last Saturday to Pinhão. We had a bit of luck weather wise, as we left Porto with it pouring down with rain, but by the time we got to Pinhão it cleared up, it did try to rain while we were having our picnic, but it cleared up shortly after that. 334 more words


Inspiration from nature

G, little M and I like to go walking in the bush over the weekends. Little M likes to say hello to a  big family of fruit bats that lives high in the trees not far from our little trek. 387 more words


2014 Westknits Summer Shawl KAL - Vertices Unite

So a while back when the KAL started Stephen from Westknits put up a giveaway on the Raverly KAL forum, where we had to reply to a couple of questions, I entered never expecting to win any of the wonderful prizes, but lo and behold, a couple of days later I got a message saying that I was a lucky winner, and I won my first choice of yarn. 107 more words


2014 WWKIP Day - Pinhão

Today I’ll be joining my friends on a train ride to Pinhão to celebrate our WWKIP Day a bit later than usual. If you’re in the neighbourhood, why not join us, everyone is welcome.