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Men's knitting roundup #9

Many of you in the northern US are blanketed under snow right now, so it’s a good moment to check in on the world of men’s knits. 351 more words


Something for everyone to knit!

As I learned from my New Year’s stats, many people from Ravelry find their way to this blog.  So I’m going to assume there’s a sizeable percentage of you that know how to knit/crochet.   268 more words

Starting to roll...

After taking a much-needed week off from the world, we’re back in the saddle and moving forward with 2015 goals, one of which is to get all of my knitting patterns revised, updated and back online for sale. 647 more words

Controlled Chaos

Vintage Knitting - 1960s Geometric Pullover

Another fun 60s sweater from Woman’s Day. If I were wearing this sweater, I would definitely NOT be making that face. Sourpuss.


Sunday Stitches - Double Lace Rib and Rice Stitch

This week’s samples are the Double Lace Rib stitch and the Rice Stitch, taken from The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches, Volume 1.

Double Lace Rib Stitch… 107 more words


On Finding Time to Knit

I have a toddler.

‘Nough said.

This is what I want to know: how do people with young children find time to knit?

Is it acceptable to lock a toddler in the closet so mommy can knit? 277 more words


Winter Sprinkles Beret and Cowl

I finally found a hat pattern that helped me knit the perfect slouchy beret. To add whimsy to this knitting pattern, I used yarn with some colorful sprinkles of white, periwinkle, lavender, and rust, plus a removable knit bow. 254 more words

Cowl Knit Pattern