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Finished Shawl

I finished the wavy shawl for my mom. She likes it. She wants a hat so I have cast on to do a hat and will start working on it soon. 100 more words

Wednesdays with the Arts: Learning One Day At A Time

I’m currently getting ready for the IRR Expo next year. I know, it’s still months away, but I’m not the kind of person who waits until the last minute to get things together. 377 more words


Pony craft time continues...

Many thanks to ClaireKnits for her awesome designs. This one is almost ready for shipping!

Craft In Progress

Knitting; I Fell For You

Knitting; I Fell For You

I truly don’t know if the font I chose will transfer across the different websites and platforms that inevitably this article will end up. 246 more words


Have I mentioned how much I love circular needles?

130 stitches to make a small purse strap and it is nothing to work with on these. I don’t know why I held off on getting them for so long.

Craft In Progress

knitting a wedding sweater

I am a non-monogamous knitter. I’ve always got five or six projects going because I get bored so easily. Rare is the project that holds my attention for longer than a few sittings without being switched out for another. 239 more words


Simply Kate update

Help support my aunt Kate’s fight with cancer by keeping my fingers busy.  Handknit scarves in a variety of color options.  4 more shipped today, only 1 on order right now – if you act quickly you can have yours by Christmas too!  17 more words