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2014, Where did it go?

Amazing how you make a resolution to keep up on your blog then for some reason time slips away and you forget all about it.  Well I haven’t stopped knitting, I just stopped posting.  136 more words


Close but not quite yet

You know how you try to put something off as long as possible hoping for a different outcome? Well I had mentioned my determination to get my socks complete by the end of this month. 218 more words


Seed Stitch Poncho

Saturday was a busy knitting day for me. I had pushed through and finished the Seed Stitch (British Moss Stitch) Poncho that I have been working on for a couple of months now. 398 more words


test knit: bezaan shawl

After making this shawl / shawlette, I have decided that it has my top 3 qualities of desirable shawls (since knitting just one makes you the Holder of All Shawl Knowledge… ;) ): 338 more words


Working on Christmas Gifts

I have begun working on Christmas gifts. I figure if I start now, I will have a better chance of getting the gifts done before Christmas than being right up until the last minute and even then maybe not even having them done. 167 more words


Such a tease

The weather had turned quite cold here, for a few days. It was unfortunate for me, because the heat is not on yet in my apartment. 719 more words



Yup, that’s right! I found my sweater.

Yes it was in my room, yes I looked a half dozen times, yes I know it was silly to get that worked up about it, and yes, I know this means my room is a total disaster. 83 more words