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WIP-ping on a Weeknight

While there hasn’t been a lot of blogging happening around here, there has been plenty of knitting!  Here’s a quick update on the Endpaper Mitts, which are coming along nicely. 266 more words



Remember when so many of my needles were taken from me at London Heathrow?  Well, when I sorted out what my next knitting projects were to be last week, the two I decided on required some of the sizes that I’m now missing.   93 more words


Basic Ribbed Socks

Finished!  I’m so glad to be done with these socks but even happier that they can finally go on my boyfriend’s feet (just in time for the weather to warm up…).   312 more words


It's Spring Break...

…and here’s what I’ll be filling these last few days with:

Finishing these confounded socks once and for all:

Reading, reading, nail-painting, reading:

Celebrating the warm weather by working on my (very beginner) hooping skills, playing my gouache paints, watching Netflix, and hanging with the one, the only, the infamous YarnEater. 11 more words


A quick update!

Hello there Blog!  I’m currently getting into the swing of a whole week with nothing but unscheduled, unstructured time – I’m on Spring Break!  Tomorrow I’ll be posting an update on what I’m knitting and what I hope to accomplish over these precious few days of not having to do or be anywhere specific (that’s a bit of an overstatement – I have plenty of reading and writing to do for school, but I can do it whenever and wherever I want!). 22 more words


Thin on the Ground

My blogging has been thin on the ground lately, but if you’re looking for some knitterly inspiration, can I direct you to the Brooklyn Tweed Winter 2014 Look Book… 49 more words