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What I've Learned While Knitting Socks

  1. They’re much easier than sweaters.
  2. They are done really fast – unlike sweaters.
  3. Some knitters are frightened of the kitchener stitch to close the toes.
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This Fella Has A Mate!

Ah yes – true love has happened. They’ve had their first bath together and are now resting on their towel¬†in the sun sewing room. Pictures of both of them tomorrow AND the yarn for my second lovely pair of socks – Hummingbird!


A Tangled Mess or Two Socks at a Time

Fourth pair of socks coming along. This time I decided to knit them both at the same time using the opposite ends of the skein of yarn. 18 more words


K- knot weeds and sticks

I’m a hobbyist knitter. I play with string and sticks and make endless knots, which results in kinda nifty things.¬† Although there are some who are “rabid” enthusiasts (I mean no offense) plying their trade with zeal, I’m sadly not one of this group. 721 more words


I Like A Little Color . . .

My sock yarn stash is growing – not as much as I want though! I keep looking at all the sock yarn I can find – and I’m darned great at finding yarn! 202 more words


One Down - 19 More to Go

I did it. I finished my first ever sock. It is beautiful. It is also a tad bit too big — who knew? Anyway I have one more to do in this yarn and 9 more sock yarns either in my stash or on their way. 115 more words


Preteen Girls and Princess Luna

I can’t knit up socks for one of my preteen daughters without having a plan to make a pair for my other preteen daughter. Immediately after knitting… 153 more words