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Starting Over

This weekend I cast on for a shawl. I know what you’re saying: “Wait a minute! She’s finally going to write about knitting in a… 614 more words


Day 344 (10.20.14) Like A Boss

  1. Get moving: I burned 3,243 calories.  I went 6.60 miles on the elliptical, walked 3 miles on the treadmill, and walked another mile outside. (Just over 10 miles TOTOAL!)
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FO: Pointy Elf Hat

I’m still feeling displaced from my yarn after our move. I’ve yet to find a shop that feels like home and my moments with yarn are not as plentiful as they once were. 149 more words


Terra Firma Cowl

A friend of mine brought back some beautiful wool from a trip to New Zealand last year. It was in the spring, so I didn’t feel inspired to knit anything with wool at the time…BUT on Saturday night I felt the inspiration! 104 more words

daughter and mother, yesterday's flight party, friends and yarns

daughter sue wearing her flight dress that i designed/created,

mother me, Y, with scarf garland that sue made for me, strangely i am wearing aqua. 63 more words


A Super Hero with a nipple

Err…what?  I always have a story.  This started back at Stitches Midwest..remember I was on the hunt for Thor from GnomeAcres.  Soldout.  So I grabbed Aquaman. 482 more words


Criss-Cross Hat & Mitts

I made a new hat for winter. Of course I made it twice because the first one was way too big… But that worked out because I mucked the pattern the first time around anyway. 64 more words