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i totally get this (no, not really)

honestly don’t know who sally is or anything about this meme, but this is kind of like doing knock knock jokes with my kids. ┬álike 6yo’s chicken going to closed donut shop one – a classic.


Worms On A Date

I cooked and et a delicious meal last night and for the first time in weeks I wasn’t hungry. Actually that’s not true, I was hungry not an hour later. 71 more words


Toddlers, tents, and tea (to remember . . .)

Little Red has been asking for weeks and weeks to have a tea party. This morning, plans changed and we had a free morning and weren’t doing school. 734 more words


Step outside summer time's in bloom..

I think time is flying these days. Whirrrl and swishhh !

Have you checked your to-do list yet? Isn’t it overflowing already? And there is so little time to do it all.It’s been barely two months in this year and so much has happened already. 596 more words