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Joke #1

Me: Hey! I got a great knock knock joke, but you have to start me off.

They: Ok, knock knock!

Me: Who’s there?

They: confused silence

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That Door in Front of You... Go Ahead and Knock on It

Doors. We open and close them everyday. And I’m not talking about your front door, your car door, or any other physical door you encounter during the day. 311 more words

Public Relations



There are a few things I’ve noticed about growing things from seed.  I get very excited when they first sprout and it isn’t long before they open and are shooting up.   381 more words

Knock, Knock

Knock Knock

The weather in Melbourne has been so outdoor activity-friendly that Monique and I seized the moment to run around Princes Park, play with some dogs and of course, what a better way to fuel up with brunch. 513 more words

Kylfth Eats

Knock, Knock...Who's There?

The new Eli Roth movie starring Keanu Reeves called, what else, Knock, Knock.

The film is about “A pair of femme fatales wreaking havoc on the life of a happily married man (Reeves).” 31 more words

Keanu The Musical

in homage of the Book Wars blog

1.. Pineapple or mango?    Pinapple

2. If you had a pseudonym what would it be? 00Bo aka double oboe.

3. Favourite new release of 2014?  I can’t keep up.  248 more words

Knock, Knock


2 of the four concrete slabs out back are completely smashed now. Saturday I broke one up all by myself, well, me and the sledge hammer. 671 more words

Knock, Knock