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Holi-YAY Gifts

Need to do some last minute holiday shopping?  I just wanted to share with you a few of my favorite products to hopefully ease your last minute shopping crunch.   353 more words

Allyson Spellman

I'd like t Buy a Vwel

knock knock

Who’s there?

traveling word salesman

Traveling word salesman?


How much per word?

ten cents

Sweet!  I’ll take three!

here you go

Thank you! 24 more words


Top 5 Signs That a Man is Interested in You!

How can I tell If he likes me? Are there any hints that men give off to display our feelings for us chicks? All you got to do is observe and pick them up. 707 more words

Secrets To Conversation

2014 - Fall hard and rise back harder

This year hasn’t been the most fortunate for me. Good things happened, but bad things even more. I felt like I was living in the trough. 1,800 more words


Knock Knock, it's Keanu Reeves in Eli Roth's new psycho-thriller

One of the biggest surprises of the year was Keanu Reeve’s turn as the ass kicking dog-lover in John Wick, a stylish action thriller that beat to the pulse of a techno-infused soundtrack as bodies hit the floor left and right.  263 more words


Holding hands

Last night there was an advent event and the speaker, (women’s ministry), at a local Evangelical Presbyterian church here, (Knox), talked about Jesus giving up all he had to be a vunerable little baby in this hostile world. 385 more words

Knock, Knock

The Actors: #Sundance Class of 2015

 There are always some surprises at #Sundance and these films are headed up by some pretty interesting folks, be it an actor taking on an unlikely genre of film that you don’t ever think of them doing, someone who you never pictured in a lead film role, or someone who had fallen off your radar but who you glad is back.  307 more words