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Knotty Thrills

The problem of how to tie a knot out of a fluid had eluded scientists for a century and a half. Then, using a 3D printer, bubble mist, and a scaled-down version of a laser light show, three physicists from the University of Chicago did it. 22 more words



Nomenclature in the world of knots is inconsistent in any language.  Some would stipulate that the tangles of cordage we commonly call knots should actually refer to only those things that are neither bends nor hitches.   2,077 more words

Sagemath21: Knot theory calculations

This week I have been working on a variety of topics, but I’d like to post about some sagemath knot theory investigations Ive been doing.   102 more words

Special Unitary Group

Could a computer see a knot?

I don’t know about you, but when I tell non-mathematicians what knot theory is, I often find myself telling a story about identifying a knotted protein by its knottedness- something about different proteins tending to be bendy to differing degrees, so that certain types of protein tend to form knots with higher writhe than others, and that this helps biologists and chemists to distinguish proteins which they would otherwise need a lot of time and money and an electron microscope to tell apart. 333 more words

Knot Theory

The writhe of an oriented knot is invariant under change of orientation. i.e. the writhe is an invariant of unoriented knots. (NOTE: But it’s not invariant under change of orientation for  19 more words