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Repulsion vs. Propulsion: Knott's Berry Farm

I like Roller Coaster’s. I like my family. I dislike lines but accept them as a part of civilized society. There are however, some lines that should never be crossed, or some lines, that stretch so long that you should cross them on your way somewhere else. 539 more words


The Tooth Fairy - Knott's Berry Farm, CA

The Tooth Fairy is a “teeth chattering” Halloween attraction at the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California. It runs for 24 days from September 25th through November 1st. 368 more words


Go Los Angeles Card

Its time to plan your labor day getaway.  Take a vacation to Los Angeles and enjoy the best area attractions of your choosing for a three, five or seven day LA extravaganza. 113 more words


Wandering Wednesday - Gargoyle?

I’m completely exhausted from working out twice a day and waking up early to do so, because I am unable to go to sleep at a decent time to compensate. 102 more words


Knott's Berry Farm

Saturday, August 2nd we ventured to Knott’s Berry Farm.  Originally, we were going to to Universal Studios for Charlie’s birthday weekend, but there wasn’t much to do their for young kids.   548 more words

Defining Our Medium, a.k.a. What the Hell is a "Theme Park" Anyway?

When looking at theme parks, I feel as though there has never really been a sufficiently good explanation of what defines them as an artistic medium*. 1,182 more words


OFF THE CUFF: A ride to remember

While standing in line, you have plenty of time to view other people experiencing it ahead of you, so you know what you’re in for long before reaching the point of no return. 823 more words

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