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Goin for the old reblog tonight

My post in drafts will have to wait until tomorrow, because I have to give a shout out to my dear friend Abeni who recently started her lovely blog… 312 more words

All About Segmentation - Target Audiences in your Contact List

All About Segmentation – Target Audiences in your Contact List

                                                                     November, 21st, 2014.

Hello Everyone,

What’s all the fuss about segmentation you may ask? Well it’s all about how you manipulate your contact list into sub-lists to target audiences with specific messages tailored to them. 123 more words

#todaysconclusions 10/11/14

Know your audience when making a joke

Jokes about the sex trade are risky at the best of times.

Anyone whose pushing a pram and drinking a can of Stella at 13:15 on a Monday afternoon isn’t going to be a stable pillar of the community. 119 more words


Public speaking: a nightmarish experience

Anxious and overwhelmed, she prepares for what’s to come.
She’s nervous and it’s evident.
A bead of sweat trickles down her brow, her face reddens, her heart races. 139 more words


How to Take Your Presentations From Good to Great

When was the last time you attended a conference and came out absolutely buzzing with ideas and inspiration? That’s what happened to me following the Professional Speaking Association 3 Day Mega Conference at the Cumberland Hotel in London this month. 996 more words

Public Speaking

digital preferences for leadership development

Online learning is growing at exponential rates. Information and resources for leadership development are available online like never before. Expectations are also rising. Leaders want resources that are easy to access and relevant to their needs, and they like to learn with others. 254 more words

Learning And Leading