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Day 9 - Dance, Know, Burst

People Of The Way Of The Heart

People of the way

of the heart dance to the song

the soul sings that show

the rhythmic flow that life… 77 more words

What You Likely Didn't Know About American Money

What You Likely Didn't Know About American Money
The largest note ever produced by the Bureau of Engraving China and Printing was the whopping $ 100,000 Gold Certificate Series, printed for a period of just over three weeks from December 18, 1934 through January 9, 1935. 105 more words



I just feel so sad for that person that think that he still have a chance to win… even though I also never want to give up on my dream but realizing your place is a requirement needed to be a champion… 73 more words

Chef Thomas Keller Dishes on NPR's "wait wait... don't tell me!"

Thomas Keller, the celebrated American chef and restaurateur, and the only American chef who has been awarded three Michelin star ratings for two separate restaurants at one time ( 222 more words


Do you love me? Then obey me. [A fascinating relationship]

Trust and obey                                                                                                                                     For there’s no other way                                                                                                                     To be happy in Jesus                                                                                                                        Than to trust and obey


Bible Study

Those Who Love Your Law Have Great Peace

Those  Who Love  Your Law  Have Great Peace

Obviously these days,  there are many  who despise  and hate  the laws  of the land.     Their hatred  of the law  drives them  to belligerently murder,  rape,  rob,  destroy property,  sell drugs illegally,  lie,  break constitutional laws,  and commit fraud  of every sort.     673 more words


afraid to know

what makes conversations

about the color of ones skin

and its history and its design

and its politics

and the bait and the tactics

used to hurt and slow a group of… 52 more words