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least we know

forever was so long

and pain was the constant


and who is the sword

that took out your heart

and it didn’t take blood… 56 more words


many seem to know

where it was heard

and those who are lost

and how it was stalked

and how it felt

and its own


and then it was direct… 48 more words


The dark side of smoking - what Big Tobacco doesn't want you to know

(NaturalNews) The truth is that most pack-a-day smokers are hooked and cannot figure out how to quit, mainly because most cessation methods don’t address the true depth of the addiction, and most are just scams that are marketed by “Big Pharma” to damage your health even further and send any “ex-smokers” right back to the well. 97 more words

Cloning Plants Super Easy

Hi guys!

The bee and I picked up gardening as a hobby a little over two years ago. At first I was a bit intimidated, but gardening is simply wonderful and I’m smitten with it. 311 more words


Three To Ignore (2014)

1. Problems.
2. Corruption.
3. The facts.
To continue to grow-
More than we’d ever
like to know.


Seeds of Intention

When considering whether to post or not, I realized I was thinking too much. Can I just say I don’t know? I once in a while think somehow I do know, but I don’t. 126 more words