Time to tell a story!

David Kolb, American psychologist and education theorist defined experiential learning as a process by which knowledge results from different combinations of grasping and transforming experiences. For a knowledge management practitioner, it is often a challenge to ensure that what gets captured under the pretext of experiential knowledge transcends beyond data and evolves to become the sum total of intellectual / emotional experience of the knowledge sharer. 355 more words

Knowledge Management

Being TRUE to your customers

In increasingly competitive markets, customers look for experiences that match their expectations and needs. Essentially this means that as consumers continue to become more savvy at researching and comparing brands, companies need to realise that when it comes to customer experience, they need to create a brand promise and deliver on it. 568 more words

Customer Service

The "third presenter" method of streamlining your presentation

Here’s an all-too common scenario: Three presenters are scheduled to speak at a seminar, for 15 minutes each. The first two presenters go way over their allotted time, despite┬áthe timekeeper’s hand signals, in order hit upon every point they intended to make. 398 more words

Unsolicited Advice

Is Microsoft Now Specializing in KM?

When you think of Microsoft, knowledge management is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. 427 more words