Does Your Company Know What It Knows? How Knowledge Management Can Change Your Business

Knowledge is power. In today’s information age, technology is a part of everything that we do, and management of the exponential growth of knowledge resulting from technological innovation is even more vital to an organization’s success. 1,100 more words


Don Tapscott: The Continually Evolving Digital Economy

One of my favorite thought leaders, Don Tapscott has a short video of a vision for our digital future.


Renowned Headhunter, Russell Reynolds: "Knowledge is King"

Russell Reynolds puts food on the table for his family by being able to identify top talent. And he has been doing so for decades. In this… 258 more words

Professional Development

Priority One: Case Deflection

Knowledge Management is a relatively new discipline, combining specializations including process and project management, technical communication and business analysis. Sometimes people are not completely certain about what a knowledge manager can do – they just know that they need one! 113 more words

Corporate Culture

Salesforce Service Cloud

Evaluation of Service Cloud Winter ’15

This week’s report is our evaluation of Salesforce Service Cloud and its collection of tightly integrated but variously packaged and priced features and add-on products—Service Cloud, itself, for case management and contact center support, Salesforce Knowledge for knowledge management, Live Agent for chat, Social Studio for social customer service, and Salesforce Communities for communities and for customer self-service. 817 more words

Customer Service

Delivering development through case studies

(picture: from @andyR_AGI twitter feed)

I just came from a two-day meeting in Berlin launching the “Global Delivery Initiative” which is being spearheaded by the World Bank and the German technical cooperation agency GIZ. 1,530 more words

Knowledge Management

The benefits of integrating customer service with the back office

Back office activities may be unglamorous, but they are vital. Whether ensuring that customers receive the right paperwork, taking payments, making amendments to accounts or organising the dispatch of products, failures lead to frustrated and angry customers, and additional strain on the contact centre. 576 more words

Customer Service