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War Of The Worlds

In this original movie from 1953, aliens from Mars attack planet Earth and kill some millions of people worldwide. They are finally stopped by a bacteria, common to the atmosphere of the Earth, to which mankind has adapted during its evolution, but which is fatal to the alien’s organism. 253 more words


„Projections in the Forest“: Projection Mapping turns an ordinary Forest into a magical Place

Projection mapping – also known as video mapping – is a projection technology developed in the 1960s, however, it hasn’t seen widespread use until much later, due to the high cost of the underlying technology. 153 more words


How to Defrost a Manual Defrost Model Freezer

As time went on, a thick layer of ice can build up on the inside of freezers. This reduces the efficiency of the appliance, adds to your electricity bill and also makes it tricky to get things in and out. 526 more words


The Devil You Know

Sure we can all complete this statement without needing to think about it. “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”. How I hate and loathe this statement! 444 more words

Salt & Pepper


My Mum once described me as determined. This wasn’t when I was a tantruming toddler or a precocious prepubescent teenager, no, this was a just a few weeks ago. 248 more words

Life Lessons

Evidence Based Practice

Reality is vast.  Yet, action requires knowledge.  So over time, we have created systems of practice and knowledge by which we can understanding reality and effectively do something.   901 more words


Activate your solution feature in your SharePoint Farm & SharePoint Site

From the previous post, before you can actually use your recently installed solution, you will need to activate its feature in your SharePoint Farm and SharePoint Site. 117 more words