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The Lord Will Answer

Psalm 38:15 (NASB)
(15) For I hope in You, O LORD; You will answer, O Lord my God.

For I am patient in You, O Lord; You will answer, O Lord my God. 226 more words


Knowing-How and Knowing-That

“What is knowledge?” is a huge question. It usually focuses on a specific kind of knowledge called ‘propositional knowledge’, or ‘knowledge-that’. What is propositional knowledge? Do you know the name of the capital city of France? 996 more words



“extremely notorious in a particular field – a legend…

your field is within, be the best you; your notoriety is what you make of your life, be a legend.”

- e. ramos



Who To Trust With Your Life?

Getting a little deep here I know but bear with me. You life is, in general, a pretty important thing. I would say that to me, my life is the most important thing to me. 266 more words


The Littlest of Things

This morning started off routine. My eyes opened at 6:10. I looked over at my little boy whose head shared my pillow and whose body was draped over my arm. 618 more words



Found written on the wall in Mother Teresa’s Home for Children in Calcutta:

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.

Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.

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Daily Thoughts

From her point of view

On twitter Miss L. says:

“When girls think by spending excessive amount of cash on make up will make them look better no just no!”