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The Cop Who Pepper Sprayed Peaceful Students Will Receive $38,056 for Emotional Suffering

The cop who mercilessly doused peaceful, seated protesters with pepper spray recently claimed he has psychological injuries from the incident and demanded workman’s compensation. And California is granting it to him. 375 more words


80% of Processed Foods in US Are Banned In Other Nations

I write a lot about the dangers of processed foods when it comes to wreaking havoc on our health, but even I was surprised to find that 80% of pre-packaged foods sold in the United States are actually banned in other nations. 372 more words


Kids Get 7 Trillion Calories of Sugar from Cancer-Causing Beverages Each Year

Soda and sugary beverages make up 15 to 25 percent of the daily recommended caloric intake for children aged 2 to 19. That’s almost 300 calories a day and 7 trillion calories a year of sugar, one of cancer’s favorite substances.


Starving Cancer to Death by Removing One Food: Refined Sugar

While all of our cells need glucose (a form of sugar which is turned into energy), cancer thrives on a body full of simple carbohydrates (which become sugar in the body) and refined sugars that come from processed foods and overly sweet goodies. 431 more words


Can We Reason About Ethics?

I think we can reason about what is good and bad (or right and wrong).

Let’s start off with a simple example. We have a choice to give to a charity that helps people or a charity we find out doesn’t really help people. 634 more words


Is There a Limit to Human Knowledge?

The human brain is a wonderful thing. Scientists and pchycologists alike try to put physical limits like 2 thousand or even 1 million gigabytes. The truth is, the memory capacity of the human brain is almost limitless.  499 more words


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The phrase has become a recurring theme, a key starting point for many explorations. 655 more words