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Aristobulus: The Architect of Cassandreia


Aristobulus: The Architect of Cassandreia

Aristobulus of Cassandreia served as architect and military engineer to Alexander The Great. He enjoyed royal confidence and was entrusted with many great projects including the repair of the tomb of Cyrus the Great in… 416 more words


How many season of Longmire are there ?

There are 2 seasons and 23 episodes of Longmire (TV Series) from 2012 to present..

So that, Longmire  (TV Series) have 2 seasons :

1. Season 1 (2012) 28 more words

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EDU 6120 - Progressivism and the Obtaining of Knowledge

The role of education in America is a complex issue. While there is majority opinion regarding the goal of education: to impart knowledge on to an individual, there is still much debate as to how best this goal should be accomplished. 2,153 more words


Gluten Schmuten

This surge in popularity of the gluten free trend is amazing! Gluten sensitivity and celiac disease is nothing new, but yet now all of a sudden, gluten free products are all the rage. 730 more words


"Cannabis: Mesopotamia & Egypt", essay by Conner North

Published by the online magazine INITY, this essay explains how ancient hieroglyphics record the medicinal use of cannabis by ancient civilizations. The well written article presents some very informative and important evidence. 311 more words

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Known Unknowns

I know a far-reaching and peculiar panoply of things; off the top of my head I know who Thorstein Veblen was, I know what an iliotibial band is and what it does, I know lead poisoning was rampant throughout the Roman Empire (the Romans used lead pipes for plumbing), I know the Founding Fathers were more like the Founding Boys when they signed the Declaration of Independence, I know why the Egyptian Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was placed at the museum’s north end, I know what a complex partial seizure is and what it looks like, I know the acreage of Central Park, I know the capital of Australia is Canberra and not Sydney or Melbourne, I know some scientists believe global warming’s tipping point occur when the tundra thaws and more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere than has been emitted by humans in the history of our civilization, I know Franklin Roosevelt insisted China be included as a permanent member of the U.N. 629 more words

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