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Empirical knowledge

Empirical or “a posteriori” knowledge refers to that which can only be known through observation or experimentation.

This knowledge can be gained through various means.  Ken Plummer gives two examples of logics of research processes: 261 more words

Society And Politics


“Life’s circumstances can turn a prince into a pauper. Does it mean he should change his nature?Does it mean he should blame life for it. You need to have belief. 1,095 more words


Where Business Is Won

A man once told me: if you can’t convince one to change their own mind, then try manipulating their reasoning and he will come to convince himself.

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1 Of 1

Walking through the doors
I had to decide who to be
I came into the knowledge
That I had 2 last names
At that moment I decided… 156 more words


Be counted.

Today, the fate of a State is in debate. After three weeks of political campaigning, which by all accounts is historic in its brevity, a decision will be made on who will govern Queensland for the next three years. 159 more words


Water has no odor : What's making the rain smell ?

The scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) conducted roughly 600 experiments and found out why they believe rain brings forth that lovely perfume. By using high-speed cameras to observe raindrops as they hit various porous surfaces, they discovered that small air bubbles become trapped under the drops upon impact, rise up to the surface, and then escape into the surrounding air. 78 more words

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