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My Light

As I still struggle to find my niche in the world, I end up depressed.  I have found music to be a great passion, but I am no expert.   293 more words



Epistemology is the branch of philosophy which studies the nature, origin, and scope of knowledge. Knowledge is, from an epistemological standpoint, distinguished from mere belief… 779 more words

God Or Science

The Lie Our Moms Told U.S.

Lately, the internet has been ablaze with talk surrounding President Obama’s new executive order. People are saying it goes against the constitution, or that he’s just buying time, but will eventually deport those living undocumented anyway, or they’re just in support of him. 860 more words


the Adahy

“The boy is stupid Mrs. Hertford.” Miss Jensen smiled callously at her slowest pupil’s mother. “Felix either cannot or will not learn to read, write, or any of the basics I have tried—most patiently—to teach him.” Miss Jackson gave an exaggerated sigh and threw her hands up in despair. 902 more words


Seandainya aku tahu ada satu kata yang bermanfaat bagiku (di akhirat) niscaya aku akan berhenti menulis ilmu.

Ibnul Mubarak, via @alnojimi/twitulama

Find Yourself

People forget that we can basically be whoever we want to be in life. You don’t have to be a specific way in order to be part of this world. 589 more words


Motto of the day:

“If You Can’t Explain It Simply, You Don’t Understand It Well Enough.” Albert Einstein