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Como Lake and Bellagio Village - KnowBrid (Knowledge Bridge) - Bridging the Generation Gap - an event of Eupolis Lombardia, attended by Young Ambassadors

Today on Thursday, April 24, 2014, Young Ambassadors and Eupolis Lombardia had a project and program at one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, … 418 more words

Young Ambassadors

Quote of The Day

“Knowledge may bring you power, but wisdom will bring you peace.”

By Reiki Master (c) 2014


Naturals Backed By Serious And Reputable Science


Argan oil: Nicknamed “liquid gold,” Morrocan women swear by this stuff to treat everything from wrinkles and psoriasis to burns and acne. Science is still catching up but argan is extremely rich in linoleic acid, which applied topically is proven to… 551 more words

Cancer Urband Legends: Fact or Fiction - City of Hope

It’s great to hear some real conversation about cancer!  It was streamed live yesterday and goes almost 1 1/2 hours but well worth your time, in my opinion. 37 more words


Don’t make decisions based on your emotions. The right choices are guided by your knowledge, wisdom and intuition.

Ask Away

knowledge worth knowing isn’t free i am asking for a dollar donation as these questions have to be answered by somebody after you have successfully made a donation you will be sent to another page where you will be given instructions on how to go about asking your question… 24 more words


Did I hear Free Books?

In a hurry as always I was armed with my things to do as I heading into the city centre.

As I walked along the high street a store on my left caught my eye. 433 more words