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Persuasion in Negotiation.

By Dr. Janet Curran, Head of Thought Leadership at Huthwaite Infernational

The power of persuasion in negotiation
There is a certain amount of confusion when we talk about negotiation as to whether we mean negotiation or persuasion. 804 more words


Understanding The Sign

There is a sign on an old road just off of a nearby interstate. It is rusty and damaged, like time and the elements took an unhealthy interest in it. 552 more words

Novel Writers

Your Mission: Find Your Definite Purpose

In a discussion that requires self-honesty and courage, the mastermind discovers that a definite major purpose will have a level of energy that will push you to do anything necessary to accomplish it.   232 more words

The Law Of Success


My Sanity is driving me insane

for what is left of it

i cannot contrive,

yet i can stand

when i am tempted to fall… 115 more words

My Creative Side

Not every sight seen or word heard merits a response. So be mindful of whom and what you pay your attention to. #TimeCantBeRefunded
– M. Goodman -


The Trap of a "White Ethnic Studies Program"

I read this article a few months back during our class time in the Archives. The writer makes a plea to his third world brethren to reject the formal education systems that infiltrated their ways of learning in their own homelands. 189 more words

The Legacy of a Truth Seeker by Bernardo Kastrup – The Video

With another hat on I mix music and occasionally even sell a download or CD. I don’t usually wear two hats at once but here’s a cross-over project. 151 more words