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Thomas Edison Famous quote of all times

There is a famous proverb “Tomorrow is my Exam, but I don’t’ care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future.” Most of the students these days follow this proverb. 469 more words



The places moved as he willed, they grew into directions of the things he could have spoken. He knew of his power since had memory and used it only to build monuments and ornaments to his misfortunes. 463 more words

Short Story

Perbedaan jeans dan denim

Denim merupakan bahan yang berasal dari sebuah kota di Perancis, yang disebut Nimes. sebelumnya disebut sebagai Serge de Nimes, kemudian disingkat menjadi denim (de NIMS). Denim adalah bahan kain yang kokoh. 344 more words


Jokowi dan Pesan Bpk. Quraish Shihab

Bapak Joko Widodo dan Bapak Jusuf Kalla,

Izinkanlah saya menyampaikan taushiyah kepada Bapak berdua. Taushiyah yang pernah disampaikan oleh sekian orang bijak kepada sekian kepala pemerintahan. 622 more words


Inherent Sexism

Gender roles aren’t something that can be completely eradicated because when to comes down to it, women get periods and women have babies. There are weeks women are biologically programmed to be hormonal and months that they are host to a living being growing inside of their body. 371 more words


Belief Is Logical - An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to “belief is logical”. I hope you’re wondering what I mean by that, as belief is often thought to be the opposite of logical thinking. 1,532 more words


|Ebooks online|

Wallaahi this is a great app! I found this app yesterday night and it was worth it. Simply download Scribd on your playstore, create your account and you are good to go. 103 more words