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5 Things you Never Knew About Koalas

1. They sleep 18-22hrs a day.

2. They have fingerprints, fingerprints that are extremely similar to those of humans. Creeps.

3. They are not bears – they’re marsupials. 39 more words


Eat - Poop - Eat Poop

I have been seeing a lot of internet memes where people complain about their dogs eating poop. I wasn’t sure if it was just a funny meme or was, in fact, true. 473 more words


Featherdale Wildlife Park

Today, we dedicated our day to meet koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife at Fetherdale Wildlife Park. We chose this park because it has a ‘hug a koala all day long’. 857 more words


The Best of Brisbane

One has high expectations for any tour that bills itself as the best of anything.  Jen and I had booked tickets on the Best of Brisbane tour which was supposed to start promptly at 9:15. 971 more words

Life Story

Road Tripping Down the Great Ocean Road, Australia

We knew we were to expect a beautiful drive, lovely beaches and the 12 Apostles. What we didn’t know is how mind blowing the trip would actually be. 597 more words