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Thanks Aunt Susie!

Hiram and Eldyn’s great aunt sent them each an animal from down under while she was visiting Australia. The boys lu-huv them and have been keeping very busy building habitats for the koala (kalala, if you’re Lew) and taking the baby kangaroo in and out of the mama pouch. 104 more words


Koala Corporation

A man in Australia, looking for work, goes to apply for a job at a company owned entirely by koala bears.

“No, said the interviewing marsupial. 12 more words

Jeu De Mots

We can go over it and we can go under it, but which to choose?

My research over the past few years has focused primarily on underpasses to allow terrestrial fauna to safely cross roads, but there is another way. Overpasses, or land bridges, have yet to be used in WA, but in the eastern states several have been built over the last decade or so. 464 more words



 This koala is so very simple, yet so fun and friendly.     Based off one of the first patterns I learnt to crochet, he’s really nothing more than a cuddly teddy bear.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

I thought I would share some photos from the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary located in Brisbane, AU. I had never seen a koala or kangaroo prior to this visit. 284 more words

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is a short ferry ride from Townsville, Queensland. In retrospect Townsville could have be skipped and I could have spent the whole time on “Maggie”. 231 more words