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I had a Kobe Beef burger in Chinatown yesterday. So delicious. It’s considered a delicacy due to its flavor, tenderness, and ‘well-marbled texture.’ Kobe beef (神戸ビーフ Kōbe bīfu) refers to cuts of beef from the… 193 more words


Oji Zoo @ Kobe Japan

Hmmm….am beginning to enjoy the city of Kobe, Japan.

When we go for a holiday, its mostly, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka….. these are mega mega mega cities and it drives me nuts just jostling with people on crowded trains, walkways. 378 more words


Marbling & gold flakes

Even if I could eat loads of sushi, especially in Japan, I need to get my portion of meat whenever I travel to Japan, as there is nothing that tastes quite like wagyu. 1,518 more words


"Is that Kobe Beef?": What you need to know before ordering!

Kobe beef (神戸ビーフ) is one of the many things that foreigners coming to Okinawa have on their “things to try” list. The chance to eat meat from a cow that has received a lifetime of massages , classical music and being fed beer is the very definition of luxury. 409 more words


Osaka - where eating is everything Part 1

Osaka, the third largest town in Japan has a particular image, evident in the saying

京都は着倒れ、大阪は食い倒れ (kyouto ha kidaore, oosaka ha kuidaore)

Which can be roughly translated as “Kyoto ruins itself with kimonos, Osaka with good food”.

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Japan Day 9: I got bit in the rear by a deer. But I'm still alive!

Just outside our hotel were rows of cherry blossom trees. Here’s an obligatory picture of the many I took.

We left Osaka to drive to Nara Park to visit the Todaiji Temple and Nara Daibutsu. 818 more words


Part 1: Kansai (Day 4 - Kyoto/Kobe)

Date of Travel: 02/02/2012

The first order of the day was to obtain the second JR Kansai pass which we were going to use to get from Kyoto to Kobe. 879 more words

Japan Trip Diary 2012