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How to Distinguish Japanese 'Wagyu' Beef at Grocery Stores and Restautrants - Kobe Beef is Not Everything

In Japan, popular meat are chicken, pork and beef. Occasionally, duck, mutton and veal are served. In specific areas, sometimes the meat of wild boar, horse, goat, bear, rabbit and venison are consumed. 558 more words


Prepare the senses: Osaka and Kobe

OSAKA, JAPAN — The cities of Kyoto and Osaka are separated by about 50 kilometers, thousands of years of history and about a billion blinking neon lights. 553 more words


Berpetualang di Kota Kobe

Tempat terakhir yang dikunjungi setelah puas berkeliling di Osaka adalah Kobe. Lokasi Kobe sebenarnya tidak terlalu jauh dari Osaka, bila ditempuh dengan kereta paling hanya memakan waktu 30 menitan saja. 551 more words

All About Japan

Hannibal Lecter

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