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Japan: Mie Prefecture, Matsusaka City (Niji No Izumi)

Located in the east central portion of the Kii Peninsula in central Mie Prefecture of Japan, is the city of Matsusaka. The city is famous for… 410 more words


May 12th - Bitter Sweet Kobe Beef

It turns out that I was running late by the time I walked into the Osaka hotel we were staying at after getting lost in Kobe. 574 more words

Japan Day 5 - Kobe|南京町

Speaking of Kobe, what most people could recall is just Kobe Beef(Wagyu), but Kobe is really more than just Kobe Beef. The city is as busy and hectic as Osaka! 340 more words


New to La Barca

Introducing some of the newbies.

Come get acquainted.

La Barca Singapore

Kobe beef tips | Friend That Cooks Blog

Got lucky and found some wagyu beef strip steaks at the local market.

They had great marbling. I pan seared them to rare and tossed them in a Portuguese wine and Gorgonzola reduction. 57 more words

Weekly Meal Prep

What is Jidori Chicken?

At some point you’ve probably come across the words “Jidori Chicken” on the Farm Stand menu and wondered what exactly “Jidori” means. Luckily, we are here to the mystery and fill you in on what makes Jidori special. 179 more words

Rubaiyat: a melhor carne de Madrid é... brasileira

 Se aproxima o verão e com a abertura das terrazas um almoço no Rubaiyat é obrigatório. Esse restaurante, mais que conhecido em São Paulo e em Buenos Aires, é um êxito também em Madrid, não só pela cozinha, mas por ter uma disputadíssima terraza no verão. 370 more words