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America’s Conservative Road to Destruction – A Brief History

I’ve recently Friended Bruce Bacon from a mutual progressive facebook group, and this article was published from one of his posts.  It’s long, but concise, to the point, and weaves together all the pieces which I believe to be true as causes of today’s effects. 181 more words


"Global Equality" is a Non-Sequitur

I recently had the misfortune of reading an article written by Tyler Cowen titled “Income Inequality Is Not Rising Globally. It’s Falling.” Cowen is a professor of economics at George Mason University and, presumably, an actual economist. 963 more words

EPA Playing Cover Up in FOIA Request

Recently, I received a FOIA request reply from the EPA which was very odd on several levels.

A copy of an email from Fred McManus of the EPA… 525 more words

Enviro Wars Of Southwest Florida


We all know who Libertarian Ron Paul was referring to in this quote, but who is it really true about?

Will this Huffington post report by Christina Wilkie  and Joy Resmovits report be tossed in the collective circular files of those in power or will it be attacked as more from the radical left? 1,381 more words

Union punishes United Negro College Fund for accepting Koch support

A powerful government workers’ union will end its support for the United Negro College Fund after the group accepted $25 million from the conservative powerhouse Koch brothers and the college fund’s president appeared at a Koch event. 291 more words

What's Wrong With People

A FOX (cough) news And Republican World - 'Here's How Much Fox News Hosts Are Intertwined With The Koch Brothers'

A political party with a 24 hour a day media machine.

Yeah…..That’s ‘Fair and Balanced’.

‘Charles and David Koch, founders of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF), … 121 more words