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Nov. 19 - My Cameras; A History

Just this year, I joined the local camera/photography club.  Geeky?  Yeah, and so what!  I have enjoyed photography for a long time.

Let me take you back to the 60s.  748 more words

Thoughts On Stuff

Rocking out

This is a group I’m a part of at school; they’re a good bunch of kids.  Ostensibly we’re the Visual and Performing Arts Club but so far all our members save one are all musicians from one school ensemble.  373 more words

Film Photography

My Favorite Scene: Mad Men Season 1 (2007) "Don's Kodak Carousel Pitch"

Why do I like Mad Men?  It’s a question that’s puzzled me since the show debuted.  It’s hard to sympathize with any of the characters.  They’re nearly all awful people.   384 more words


Photo of the Week: Frank Christenson

A simple icepick on a bench in San Diego by Tom Perry balances the frame in this clean shot from Frank Christenson.

“I shot this when I visited San Diego, Ca last year (2013) with a Canon Ae-1 and Canon FD 50mm lens.The aperture was all the way open while the shutter was at about 1/500. 72 more words


"Interstellar" and the Film Question

This past week I was working my usual shift in NYU’s Film Study Center archive, digitizing some 16mm student films from a production course twenty years ago. 1,527 more words