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Vintage Cameras vs. Oblivion

In place of cameras, we have smartphones, the hated Glass… maybe sometime in the future no external device at all. Given this trajectory, it’s entirely understandable that all sorts of people—steampunks, antiquarians, Luddites, analog fetishists, middle-age hipsters, etc.—would grow nostalgic not only for the cracked, striated monochrome patina of vintage photographs, but also for the boxes—large and small, simple and highly complicated—that produced them. 22 more words


First Roll: Zorki 4

The only thing that can make me skip a Pacquiao fight , a new camera! Thirsty six shots in less than three hours with my Zorki 4 on a Kodak C200.


Photo's from Florida 2014

This year my family went on a trip to Orlando Florida. I took some photo’s on my Kodak Zi8 camera, here are some of the best ones!

7-8 Photos

UBPA B3-2 pavilion

Remnants of the 2010 Shanghai Expo. UBPA B3-2 by Italian architects Studio Archea. The building was designed to be easily dissembled after the expo but still remains (seemingly unused) 5 years on. 41 more words

Nikon Fm2

My Eclectic Style

There is no doubt, I have an eclectic style. I guess I try to photograph some of the most important people or things that are important to me. 47 more words