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New on 500px : Exhilarating!!!! by buckswildlifephotography by buckswildlifephotography

The enjoyment that I get when photographing bears that act themselves and do what bears do is just an enjoyment that I can’t explain. When I can climb in the water with them and not worry about them as Im photographing them as they do what they do, is so exhilarating ……. 61 more words

New on 500px : What A Beautiful Morning by buckswildlifephotography by buckswildlifephotography

When I was at Brook Falls, I had rented me a cabin to stay in. I stayed at Brook Falls for 7 days and I was able to get thousands of images while I was there, but this image still takes me back right now as if I was there at that moment. 42 more words

Eco-Friendly Halibut Fishing

The North Pacific commercial halibut fishery dates to the late 19th century and today is one of the region’s largest and most lucrative. In Canadian and US waters, long-line fishing predominates, using chunks of octopus or other bait on circle hooks attached at regular intervals to a weighted line that can extend for several miles across the bottom. 299 more words

Wildlife Photography

New on 500px : Stick And Fly by buckswildlifephotography by buckswildlifephotography

With some new editing software and technics that I recently acquired, I thought I would put up my well known eagle image “Stick And Fly”, using the new editing software and technics. 11 more words

New on 500px : King Of The Stump by buckswildlifephotography by buckswildlifephotography

Homer, Alaska…. Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/3,200

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