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In Kodiak Alaska Fishing Vacations Can Be Fun

Whenever one tries to browse through the internet to find out information related to Alaska halibut salmon fishing one gets to visit ton of sites, promoting a slew of fishing lounges from just about every corner of the “Alaskan hemisphere”. 387 more words

Kodiak Alaska Brown Bear Photography

Eating King Crab in Kodiak, Alaska

In June 2012, through an odd set of circumstances that will probably never occur again, my job required that I and a colleague go to Kodiak Island, Alaska for a week. 459 more words


Halloween 2020

In a surprising twist of events, Halloween 2020 ended up happening six years early.

Apparently if you have an open day and a whole lot of friends whose plans are cancelled last minute, you can throw an adorable ALMOST Pinterest-esque Halloween party. 272 more words

Kodiak Bear Casually Running 30 mph down a highway...

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Everyone says that bears are as fast as horses, but I have never seen that fact demonstrated quite like it is in this video.   28 more words

Nothing Ever Changes if Nothing Ever Changes

We paid a visit to the site where we would like to install our marine debris sculpture, “Waves of Change” in downtown Kodiak, AK the other night. 327 more words

Combat Boots: 90's grunge 2.1

I’m a 90’s baby and I am obsessed with the decade that I was born in. Specifically, the music and the fashion seem to inspire me every day. 167 more words

Fall 2014

Crowdsourcing Weekends: Kodiak Power Line, Aerial Bold, Adult Wednesday Addams

This is Crowdsourcing Weekends! This post highlights three different crowdsourcing projects I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Kodiak Power Line

The same outdoor designer brand that delivered the Turtle Shell and Big Turtle Shell, are now asking for your help in launching the Kodiak Power Bank Line – the pinnacle of rugged + waterproof portable chargers.   952 more words