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What did Netanyahu discuss with the President in the Oval Office? Stopping Iran. Here's the latest.

Many issues have complicated the U.S.-Israeli relationship — and particularly the personal relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu — in recent years. The Palestinian issue. 1,109 more words

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Bill Koenig of World Watch Daily writes: "Netanyahu had a 2-hour visit at the White House today, which I attended. It was originally scheduled only for an hour and a quarter. He likely had some intelligence on the Islamic State (IS) that he shared… Netanyahu is a true statesman, who once again warned the world about the threats from Iran and now IS. He also re-emphasized the danger posed to the entire world by Hamas. Sadly, I really sense the world is not responding to his warnings. Every year he has to come up with a different approach to warn about the seriousness of the threats. It is as if his warnings are playing to deaf ears".

Louis David Ludwing, Sr.

Louis David “Bud” Ludwig, Sr.
b. 19 November 1922, Mishawaka, St. Joseph County, Indiana, to Walter Henry and Lolita Esther Adeline (Koenig) Ludwig
d. 20 January 1984, Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas… 127 more words

St. Joseph County

SPOTLIGHT: New Dorp New York // SBTRKT ft. Ezra Koenig 23/08/14

“My girls got a limousine/got a full time job just to keep it clean” swoons everyone’s sworn favourite frontman Ezra Koenig over the usual, funky, electronic drones that masked man SBTRKT has made a name of himself from. 222 more words


Religion and Spirituality in Healthcare

If there is evidence that something is beneficial for patients’ health, it behooves medical practitioners to recommend it: this notion lies at the heart of evidence-based medicine (EBM). 360 more words