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Looking Ahead

I wander and ponder all of my regrets,
My thoughts echo, somber, inside of my head,
Will I have an impact,
When I’m gone and dead? 85 more words


Tranquil is the evening sky,
Passing on it’s way,
Nature tires, as she sighs,
Ready for a pristine day.

Swallows sing their farewell song,
While waiting on the stars, 32 more words

For Green Eyes

Your eyes are clovers in a field,
Greener than anything that’s ever come from the ground.
Your perfume is fresh flowers,
On the first day of spring, 88 more words

Ode to a Storm/Praise to the Sun

Soft and sweet,
The gentle beat
Of time gone by
That won’t repeat.
A careful dance,
Filled with romance,
Taps on the roof,
But never lands. 54 more words

The Mask

Try this on, It’s just your size,
It hides the pain, muffles the cries,
It looks so good, we’re so impressed,
Now dust it off, and look your best. 61 more words

Two Boys

Two boys, laughing and wrestling in the front yard,
Covered in grass, and racing about,
In for dinner and then out to play again,
never tiring; every minute seemed new. 83 more words


Demeter's Call

If you’ve read about me on my blog you’ll know that i’m a big fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson. One of my favorite poem’s by him is… 114 more words