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Funny Thing Happened Today

Today, I went to Sprouts to buy some produce and left with 3 different drinks, including Celestial Seasonings’ Kombucha Superfruit drink. Apparently, there are some really good benefits to drinking kombucha but I can’t think of them all. 182 more words


STL Fermentation Adventure: Kraut, Kvass and Kombucha!

I thought I would do a short update on my fermentation experiences as I continue to explore this fascinating practice. It really is wonderful! To think that just by submerging vegetables in water and salt one can have this tasty new food, brimming with health! 322 more words


NTOE: Tanner, Brandon, and Shaila Try Hobgoblin (4/18/2014)

In a rare turn of events, we were able to get Shaila on camera for once in order to film a video where we try two drinks, the first being a Dark English Ale called Hobgoblin and the other one being Kombucha Chai Cola. 39 more words


Bu bu bucha bottling time

It’s that time again!

It is now day 13 for bucha batch #2 in the continuous brew jar. Time to taste, brew more tea and pour into bottles ready for the flavouring. 78 more words


Kombucha Craze: Wildly Popular Despite Unproven Health Benefits

Mix some tea with a little sugar, a pinch of yeast, and some healthy bacteria in a jar and let it ferment in a warm, dark climate for a couple of weeks and you’ve got kombucha. 300 more words


Summer Cocktails

I’m on a hunt to find my 2015 Summer cocktail. There are a few in the running, and I’m going to share one of them with you today.  231 more words


6 Drinks That Aren't Smoothies!

I get so sick of smoothies sometimes, and while I do love carbonated water as a treat, I really appreciate the variety of beverages available to me even while on a somewhat restrictive raw vegan diet. 550 more words