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Word Vom (4)

  1. I said bae for the first time ever and felt nothing.
  2. I prank phone called a p*rn star the other day by myself… and also felt nothing.
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An effective Social Media campaign, is a powerful campaign

As Amy Jo Martin rightly states “Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” A statement that carries much truth, nevertheless, granting a voice also means awarding power. 756 more words

KONY 2012: Nostalgia.

Remember when this was the biggest thing since. . . well. . . a while?

I mean, everyone in my school system kind of lost interest in the whole thing once the creator got (correct me if I’m wrong) arrested, which kind of made the entire ‘KONY 2012′ campaign die once all the strings started unraveling. 8 more words

(Belated) Throwback Thursday: Kony 2012.

Greetings to all. I type this post from yet another Starbucks. Yes! The place I love to type in! Today I decided to talk about how skepticism has helped me, not just in catching frauds and woo woo non sense, but thinking critically about the world and information I receive. 1,348 more words


Protests: From Online to In Real Life

The Internet has become a place in recent years where many revolutions and viral campaigns, which almost always come about because if the ability for information to be spread so quickly and easily online through social media – After all, twitter is faster than earthquakes. 243 more words


Want to start a revolution? Join Facebook/Twitter/Youtube

Social media has allowed us access to more information and communication. And, through social networking, communication is simpler than ever before. This ease of communication gives us great power; the power to create change; even the power to start a revolution. 324 more words


Question of the week

Is clicktivism the new politicalism or refusal to venture into the dangerous terrain of politicisation?