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What is Tory on Trending?

Tory on Trending is a blog about social media and its relationship to journalists today. While most working journalists by now have realized the importance of social media as a distribution model and traffic driver, most are only beginning to see glimpses of its potential as a useful tool in the newsroom. 249 more words

Social Journalism

If We Learn One Thing From the Ice Bucket Challenge It Should Be This

According to Forbes, the ice bucket challenge has generated $100 million in just over a month for the ALS foundation.  It’s mindblowing to think about really.  616 more words

Random Thoughts

When Slacktivism is a Sin: Awareness and Action

Social media and awareness activism are BFFs.

Whether we’re writing love on our arms, “bringing back our girls” with a hashtag, changing our profile pictures to a black X to end sex trafficking,  taking a #nomakeupselfie for cancer, or dumping buckets of ice water over our heads, these trends catch on like wildfire. 1,016 more words

Social Media

Being Trendy #IceBucketChallenge

Another Internet trend is slowly starting to come to an end. You all know what I’m talking about. Yes, the viral ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge.

People all over the world in every continent has been tagged by their friends to do this challenge in order to raise awareness and donate for ALS research. 417 more words

Somewhat Serious

Sob stories sell: poverty porn and the ethicality of humanitarian media

There is a story we have all grown up with, in one form or another. It is that of the dirty street child clothed in rags, shoeless. 572 more words