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Protests: From Online to In Real Life

The Internet has become a place in recent years where many revolutions and viral campaigns, which almost always come about because if the ability for information to be spread so quickly and easily online through social media – After all, twitter is faster than earthquakes. 243 more words


Want to start a revolution? Join Facebook/Twitter/Youtube

Social media has allowed us access to more information and communication. And, through social networking, communication is simpler than ever before. This ease of communication gives us great power; the power to create change; even the power to start a revolution. 324 more words


Question of the week

Is clicktivism the new politicalism or refusal to venture into the dangerous terrain of politicisation?

Where does Slacktivism Get Us?

You know when you see a picture appear on your Facebook newsfeed of a child in hospital with a heart breaking story and you are encouraged to like and share? 280 more words


Eargasms for Days...

Get your ears aroused with this ear candy.

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Hey, White College Kids: Can the Ferguson Police Get Some of That Kony 2012 Outrage?


Posted: Aug. 22 2014 2:56 PM

Originally Published at The Root

A woman gestures during a peaceful protest Aug. 19, 2014, along a street in Ferguson, Mo., regarding the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.MICHAEL B. 552 more words

Injustices And The World We Live In

What is Tory on Trending?

Tory on Trending is a blog about social media and its relationship to journalists today. While most working journalists by now have realized the importance of social media as a distribution model and traffic driver, most are only beginning to see glimpses of its potential as a useful tool in the newsroom. 249 more words