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Why everyone should embrace video storytelling

In this blog post Gina Richards explains why she thinks everyone should be embracing video communications…

I am lucky enough to be the current video intern at the National Trust at such an exciting time – as here at the Trust we’re really starting to utilize the power of video. 422 more words

National Trust

The Girls That Brought Themselves Back

The #BringBackOurGirls campaign began with a crescendo of indignation, only to fade as those paying attention quietly accepted that the girls were probably never coming back.   421 more words

Being an #Activist

Hashtag activism has gained publicity since the official inception of the hashtag to twitter in 2009.   Being linked to ‘clicktivism’, hashtag activism deals with the unofficial organizing of groups and conversations around hashtags, largely via the platform Twitter (Dewey, 2014).  526 more words


Hashtags annoy the living hell out of me, generally speaking. I realize some people use them for organizational purposes and for grouping certain things together on various social media sites, but for some reason every time I see a hashtag I just go into rage mode. 1,182 more words


It is well-documented that one of the defining characteristics of my generation is our absolute desire to see justice in every situation. We are moved to action by the poor and powerless who are exploited by the corrupt and capable. 400 more words

Can a hashtag really save lives?

Social media campaign #bringbackourgirls is creating global awareness surrounding the recent kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls, but will it really help?

By now, chances are you have seen the hashtag. 367 more words


Against "Do-Somethingism"

Over the past few weeks, we continue to hear of the travail of 200 or so girls kidnapped by a “terrorist group”, Boko Haram, operating in Nigeria.   1,572 more words

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