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For Mon. 2/2

Please come in ready to discuss the following on Monday, Feb. 2.

Scientific Inquiry

Reddit Update

A smallish update. Not even worthy of being called a rant. Not really long enough to register as anything other than a statement.

While I like to browse Reddit for the funny and often times strange things I learn, the more time I spend on the site the more depressing I find the way its user base seems to homogenized to one set of ideas. 160 more words

Internet Life

Advanced Theories In Quantum Physics As Explained By The Kool-Aid Man

Quantum physics is hard stuff.  If it was easy it’d be called Quantum Hide And Seek (don’t get me started on dual-pole free bases).  We here at Gabbing Geek don’t want you to miss out on the latest scientific discoveries just because you don’t know the difference between a quark and Quark. 662 more words


Dyeing on a crafty Tuesday

On a Tuesday, a few of us get to together to experiment with one crafty thing or another. Lately, we have been looking at dyeing yarn and aida with various substances. 383 more words

Grilled Cheese Co. Opens In Time For National Cheese Lover's Day

Today, January 19th is National Cheese Lover’s Day!  What better way to celebrate than the opening of the new place to grab an American classic, Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. 348 more words

Oak Cliff

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Vegan Veteran . . .

(Inspired by an article by Mary MacVean)

I am very vegan; I spurn fillet mignon.

I will not touch a head cheese (also known as brawn). 104 more words


Free Valentine's Day Printables

I just love Valentine’s Day! Such a fun day for kids to express friendship to one another. Dub loves tearing open the goodies, but EClaire really loves to see the creativity of the Valentines and read the messages from her friends. 318 more words