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The Power of Unseeing

There is a power in unseeing something. But remember, Power is not always good, especially in the case of unseeing. If you unsee a malicious gossiper, the power you exert in that exchange is good because you have used a power to keep a negative or bad thing from transpiring. 315 more words

Palcohol... Why?

I was a bit intrigued when I first read about Palcohol.  If you haven’t already heard of it, Palcohol is powdered alcohol in a packet that’s ready to be mixed along the lines of Kool-Aid or Tang. 447 more words

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Easter Fun!

Happy Easter! We had a wonderful Easter and time off with the kiddos.  My spring break this year was only two days (last Thursday and Friday) due to all the snow days, but it was still lots of fun to be at home with the kiddos.   651 more words

Dying Easter eggs using Kool-Aid!

My Niece Gabby has never painted eggs before so this was our first time painting eggs with her. We also used Kool-Aid as our way to dye the eggs. 93 more words


More fun with food safe dyes

Part two of playing with kool-aid.  As I explained in my last post, I’m following the tutorial written by

The blue kool aid spread throughout the crockpot, overdying both the yellow and green, but since the yellow was a weak dye, that section of the hank turned out more blue: 47 more words


DIY: red Easter eggs with Kool-Aid

I don’t drink Kool-aid. I know it is delicious because I tried it as a kid. My current situation is that I can’t have any food coloring because it can trigger migraines but even if it didn’t I would not drink it. 172 more words

OCD Thursdays

She Said Yeah


The Rolling Stones song, Joe Nichols, Usher.. they’ve all made that 4-letter word famous in their music.

This guy made a career out of it.. 719 more words

Miss Nebraska