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A Quick Tip, and a Hunger Games Artwork

Hey everyone,

So on Saturday, I Kool-Aid dipped my friends hair, (I already did mine a while ago.)  and my hands were SO RED! It was insane, it looked like I had blood all over my hands. 248 more words


Kool-Aid Candy Dots!

Last year the babysitting kids and I made a Kool-Aid pie which is a something I’ll post later. So while looking for another thing to make I can upon these lovely Kool-Aid Candy Dots from the blog: … 297 more words


How to Get Kool-Aid Out of Carpet

The colored dyes in most sports drinks and Kool-Aid are usually acid food dyes. These dyes are very similar to the dye that is already present in your carpet, so they are difficult to remove without damaging the natural color of the carpet. 287 more words

Carpet Cleaning

Six Rules for Drinking Kool-Aid

  1.  Enjoy your favorite flavor. Be happy in the knowledge that you have discovered you’re a lime-kiwi or strawberry-fizz sort of person.
  2. Allow other people the luxury of enjoying their favorite flavor even if it’s not the same as yours.
  3. 97 more words

Sous Chef Sunday: DIY Pixie Sticks

 Pixie sticks… aka kiddie crack. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many of these sugary shots I downed as a kid. These little straw like sticks of powdered candy were a favorite of mine, and most every other kid I knew from elementary school. 348 more words


DIY Slushies

After a long morning and afternoon I decided it was time for a quick treat but I didn’t have time to bake any goodies. So, I decided to go with a simple slushy. 548 more words

Beverages For Kids


I am tired of folks walking into me with cell phones.

It started today, rather this morning, when I was on the bus.People getting off the bus looking at their phone when they get up from their seat, walk toward the front and bang into me because they have no clue of what is by them.Really? 124 more words