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Vet students in Bali spread the word about unethical kopi luwak

By Chloe Tan

In February 2014, Jonna Lehtinen, a primate conservationist residing in Bali, Indonesia, contacted our team about distributing our “Life Behind Bars” infographic… 126 more words

Buying monkey-picked tea 'ultimate sign' of twattishness

Purchasing tea which the packaging claims was picked by monkeys has been revealed as clinching proof that you are a total arse, it was revealed today. 234 more words


Kopi Luwak - The World's Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

I finally did it, I broke into my limited supply of Kopi Luwak…

Commonly known as Civet Coffee, the cat-like creature eats only the ripest coffee berries. 324 more words


Hey coffee lovers, this ones for you... meow!

Hey coffee lovers, I know how much you love your precious beverage.  That piping hot fuel injection you use ritually to start your day, and the way that you crave it’s caffeinated goodness because it gets the motor running.   747 more words


~ yearningforlove Series ~ My footprints in... Bali - White Water Rafting Adventure

Sandy beaches, majestic volcanoes, stunning waterfalls (and beautiful women in bikinis & sarongs) are just some of the many features associated with Bali. Knowing that Kuta beach was awaiting me in just a couple of hours, it is with no wonder that I wasn’t able to catch much of a shuteye after writing… 3,067 more words


Kopi Luwak Gunung Malabar

Film dokumenter pendek ini bercerita tentang bagaimana penanganan luwak dalam penangkaran yang sesuai dengan kaidah-kaidah penangkaran yang baik dan benar, agar kelangsungan habitat luwak tetap terjaga. 146 more words


Nanyang girls inspired to save the civets!

By Koh Fang Yun, Tan Chor Leng, Claudine & Zhang Junyue

Hello there! We are a group of three secondary 3 students from Nanyang Girls’ High School. 236 more words