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Is Your Coffee Crap? No Shit!!

I’ve drunk good coffee and bad coffee. I’ve made terrible coffee for myself as a kid, after observing my Mum but somehow still neglecting the all-important step: filtering the coffee grains before drinking it. 450 more words

AlyZen Moonshadow

Bali Lovin' Day 1.

So here’s the start of the beautiful trip to paradise that we had.

On the first day, we arrived in Ubud around 7pm already after queuing in the immigration and travelling for about 1 hour and 30 mins. 673 more words


Two days, two saddles: cycling in Bali

Bali Eco Cycling Tour

Tour Summary

There’s only so much window shopping and cafe-hopping I can handle, and by the second week of our stay in Bali I had well and truly reached my limit. 913 more words

Behind the scenes at a kopi luwak farm in Bali

By Pearlynn Sim

When I found out that my family and I were going to visit a coffee plantation in Bali, Indonesia, my first thought was that it was a ripe opportunity for some detective work. 558 more words

Civet coffee

Have you heard of civet coffee? It’s considered pricey and pretty rare. Listen to the cat…

Dear Aristotle,

Lady Baya weaverbird has put me in a spot. 550 more words

Aristotle's Mailbag