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Burga Grande

I live in Koramangala, I cycle in Koramangala, I commute to work through Koramangala, and I socialize in Koramangala. So, guess where my latest my burger tasting took me to? 393 more words


The Transporter

Our second visit puts us within the confines of Koramangala again. Mainly because I live here and wanted to be within running access of my house, should my upset stomach act up again. 475 more words


Burgapade Uno

Bangalore – the city of pubs, garbage, motorcycles, bands, traffic, people, cab companies… okay, I’m just naming things now. Of all these things, one thing is for sure – you’re never too far away from an eatery, with over at least 6,000 of them in the city. 531 more words


Long walk home

This is on my evening walk today. Close to where i live in Bangalore. 5 pm IST. Almost time for the sun to go hasta la vista. 429 more words


Until Next Time, Koramangala Bus Depot

Well, today is officially my last day in Bangalore.  It marks the close of a four month chapter of my life that has been filled with some of the most incredible experiences imaginable.   282 more words

Study Abroad

Farfalle with Goan chorizo and Bocconcini

Yes! I’m back, but this time with a different approach to Food, I have tried and tested food from around Bangalore, have spoken to chefs and restaurateurs to persuade them to make me sample their food and write about it, but to no avail, I shall hence forth be blogging about the food I cook at home. 979 more words