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Being Sweaty Never Hurt Anyone

There’s a fine line between enjoying not freezing your butt off from the winter chill and sweating your skin off during the summer heat. That fine line is what I like to refer to as “spring”. 1,526 more words



Hello peoples reading this! This is my first proper attempt at a blog so I hope you like what I have to offer.

My name is… 593 more words


The Korean Melon

I like to think that I’m an omnivorous eater. There are very few foods that I will absolutely refuse to eat. Having said that, there are some foods that I would prefer not to eat, mostly because I don’t think they’re particularly tasty and I could easily find a better alternative on the menu. 979 more words


Movie Review : Hello Ghost (Korea 2010)

Mungkin telat, tapi gw baru nonton film ini barusan banget. Di LBS K-Movie, saluran tv parabola yang khusus puterin film dan drama korea. Karena kesan pertama gw nonton film ini cukup cihuy, maka gw mau nulis review tentang film ini… 644 more words



I love the hustle and bustle of the city. From the pushing to the shouting, I eat it up. However, I do have moments when I need some sort of tranquility. 179 more words