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                                                      Hot, hot, hot.
                      This place was so hot.

The sun was just set out to destroy us. And it finally dawned on us why everyone in Korea wears what we previously thought to be ridiculous get up, including but not exclusive to visors, large sun hats, umbrella hats and large baseball caps with overbearing bills. 406 more words


Journey Begins Part 2

I left off last time on getting on a three hour bus to get to DaeJeon. After we arrived at our destination. The bus dropped us off at the wrong place on campus. 734 more words

Something's Up With Thailand & The Daquan Meme

By Shelton Bumgarner

It is possible, but not probable, that the very thing I predicted — that T-shirt makers in Bangkok might have finally gotten wind of the Daquan Meme and are now going to do something with it. 319 more words


Kakaostory update

Have you seen the new update of Kakostory??? :)

Now you can put emoticons not only on pictures as usual, but also directly in the writing part!! 19 more words


rooftop cat

4 days into orientation and I’ve hit up more rooftops than I thought accessible. In the states, every door leading to a rooftop or even a high balcony is locked. 142 more words


Currently on the 12th floor of a building whispering to the world “Freeeedoooommmmmm~”


The thing about Block B...

They’re nuts!…but in the best possible way.

Ever since Nilili Mambo I’ve become a fan…well…as much of a fan as a reasonably rational person can be. 194 more words