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Just Eric - Seoul Novel - Part 7

Just Eric – Part 7

And then stuff just started to get weird. I wasn’t just a regular office worker anymore, or an irregular white guy working at in office in Seoul, nor was I teaching kids how to be cool in an All-English South Korea, or even just another person caught up in the mess of the North Korean refugee crisis – any one of those things would have been extraordinary weird for any foreigner to experience over here – but I was then considered the coolest guy in the entire country. 2,517 more words

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It's all pretty infinitely real right now

Yup, things have gotten to a point where everything is almost infinitely real.
Of course, that tends to happen one day before you leave to go abroad for three whole years… 246 more words


New Year AKA New Blog!

I’m back! And hopefully better than ever!

So, it’s no secret to anyone that I have been a TERRIBLE blogger as of late. Its not my content or my writing, its my posts. 324 more words

Park Surprise!

On one of my final desk warming days of the Summer. The teachers in my office, both of which speak almost no English, invited me to go on a walk with them after lunch. 159 more words


Hongdae, Myungdong, and food, Food, FOOD!

Today, besides whispering down to the Koreans from the 12th floor “Freedomm~” at about 6:30 in the morning, I had an amazing breakfast with the Korean fam that consisted of the 3 types of kimchi (cabbage, cucumber, and radish), and golgi and the purplish rice. 283 more words