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Korean cold potatoes, appetizer

Is going to be busy tonight. So I’m going to do this and put it in the fridge. All I need is to bring it out from the fridge tonight. 119 more words

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Pumpkin porridge

Tried this recipe a few days ago. What motivates me to try it out was after I watched the Korean drama Angel Eyes. The way the actress ate the porridge looks to yummylicious so I thought of trying it out. 174 more words

Korean Dishes

Korean spicy rice cake, Tteokbokki.

This is one of my favorite Korean street food. It Is spicy and chewy. Tteokbokki ingredients are simple. All you need are some fish cakes, hard boil eggs, hot pepper paste (gochujang), hot pepper flakes( gochugaru), japanese noodle sauce(soba sauce), garlic, {leeks and onions (optional).} … 143 more words

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How to Survive as a Vegetarian in South Korea

South Korea, where probably 80% of diet consists of meat or seafood, finding vegetarian friendly restaurants is quite a difficult task. If you live in the Hanyang dormitory, or anywhere without a kitchen, then this may just be the guide for you. 480 more words