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Drama 'My Spring Days' yang Dibintangi Sooyoung SNSD Rilis Poster Resmi

Poster Resmi untuk drama mendatang “My Spring Day” telah dirilis.

Poster utama menunjukan pemain utama seperti, Kam Woo Sung, Sooyoung SNSD, Lee Joon Hyuk, dan Jang Shin Young. 36 more words

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Avid Pen | Kdrama Reviews

It’s no secret that I love Korean Dramas, I mentioned some of the dramas and movies I’ve watched in the post where I shared some of my grandfather’s photos of Seoul. 549 more words

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Trot Lovers Review


Trot Lovers is a 16 episode 2014 Korean drama about a trot singer in a world that prefers pop. Ironically her manager is a disgraced pop star that does not like trot. 1,466 more words

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Naskah “It’s Okay, It’s Love” Akan Diterbitkan dalam Bentuk Buku

Naskah dari drama populer, “It’s Okay, It’s Love” akan diterbitkan dalam bentuk buku. 138 more words

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Sharp Minds And Random Ramblings: "Iron Man"

Before you go all “Why are you proclaiming yourselves as being sharp?” on us, allow me to explain that the “sharp” part, more than being a display of cockiness on our behalf, is in fact a not-so-subtle pun on our K-drama of the day, called “Iron Man”. 2,594 more words

3 KDramas you should be watching right now!

We all know I’m a #KDrama fanatic. Thus, it is only fitting that I start my blogging phase highlighting a couple of dramas I believe you should start watching today. 685 more words

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