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Summer Romcom - Week 5

Fated To Love You

Week 5 is what I call the calm before the storm, before the angst kicks in and the shit hits the ceiling. 965 more words


Love, Now

You know how when us girls watch idol dramas, sometimes we want to strangle the male lead who misunderstands all the time, slap/punch the vicious, scheming second female lead, suffer from SLS (read more  809 more words


Drama of the Week: Trot Lovers

This week’s Drama of the Week is Trot Lovers (aka 트로트의 연인 or Lovers of Trot), a romantic comedy that, as is the way of kdramas, got super melodramatic and not comedic at all towards the end. 649 more words

Drama Of The Week

Temptation - Half-time Comments

At the halfway mark of Show now, I still can’t get Hong Joo (Park Ha Sun). I think she’s definitely got a victim mindset, and she also definitely has alot of self-pity. 663 more words


"Temptation" - Reverse Psychology

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

Adultery is a delicate subject that is perceived wrong in our contemporary society and represents a social taboo that is morally and strictly forbidden in Asian cultures. 646 more words

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"What's With This Family?" - First Impressions

I’ve been waiting for a family series for so long and I guess my last themed series was “Smile, You“.

What’s With This Family? 381 more words

Korean Dramas

Korean Drama - Playful Kiss

This one brings back great memories as it was actually the first Korean drama I ever watched. Originally I watched it only because Kim Hyun Joong played the male protagonist however I soon grew to love it for its storyline and innocent nature. 397 more words