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Drama Review - Yoona's Street (jTBC, 2014)

Phew, another monster of a drama is down. Don’t get me wrong, I call it a monster because of its sheer length. At 50 episodes, Yoona’s Street can be a chore to watch, even though the dialogues are really well written and all the characters feel just like someone you may very well know. 490 more words


Pride and Prejudice: Peeling the Onion

Gosh, the case(s) of the week(s) is giving me a headache. On the surface, they are deceptively straightforward and unrelated. But as our prosecution team digs deeper, this week’s case and last weeks’ begin to merge. 1,172 more words


Pinocchio Episode 1-4 Thoughts & Preview

 Love it, love it, looooooooove IT! It’s been a while but I’ve finally found a drama that makes me excited and giddy while watching and waiting for new episodes to air. 1,490 more words


Birth of a Beauty: Stereotypes

A summarised version of what has happened so far:

Sara is finally convinced her (ex) husband, Gang-joon, is her murderer. She remembers having a big fight with him on the night of the accident, threatening that she will spill everything about his affair.

627 more words

[Personal Review] God's Quiz 4

I have finished this drama a last month and I was waiting for the right opportunity to write my thoughts on this awesome drama. Well I watched most of episode 12 but I haven’t really gotten to the end yet but that counts right? 998 more words

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That Kdrama Moment

I had this thought as I was re-watching Master’s Sun with my sister. She got so irritated when I would sing the song on cue the same as the TV and it got me wondering; what K-drama moments/ instances do I do unconsciously? 425 more words

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Birth of a Beauty: When beauty isn't everything

kooriyuki did a First Impression post on Birth, and I fully agree with her take on it. The debut gives us a fairly strong rom-com premise coupled with tugs on the heartstrings at Guem-ran’s sufferings under her evil in-laws, and evil-er husband. 827 more words