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Martial Arts 101: We only regret the paths left unexplored

It was a chilly evening but I didn’t need anything to keep warm. Nervous energy consumed me as I drove through the evening traffic.

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Martial Arts

The Five Most Basic Motions of Taekwondo

I’ve noticed that from dojang to dojang there are 5 techniques that are almost invariably taught first to beginners. They are simple, they have a relatively low risk of injury if accidentally performed incorrectly, and when paired with basic stances, introduce to the neophyte the most fundamental elements of structure, mechanics, and coordination. 924 more words



A Hapkido practitioner becomes well-versed in many kicks, punches, and blocks. From Aiki-Jujitsu (the predecessor of Aikido) it gets most of its grappling techniques. Hence, the Hapkido practitioner spends an equated volume of time learning techniques such as throws and joint locks. 1,051 more words

Martial Arts

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